Welcome to the world of solid wood garden swing seats, rope swings, garden benches, tree swings, loungers & pergolas

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The only swing & bench maker licensed by the RHS

Buying a swing seat or any kind of hand crafted garden furniture takes time and consideration;

» Choose your swing bench wisely - it will be made especially for you and it is likely to be in your life for many years.

» The shape is important, it must be classic, comfortable, beautiful and fit your garden, gazebo, porch, arbour, pergola or branch of that favourite tree.

» You must be able to relax on your swingseat, both sitting comfortably and using it like a hammock – stretch out with a cushion and snooze dreamily in the dappled sunlight!

» Make sure it’s long enough and wide enough for all the family.

» Test the swing factor – is it balanced? Does it have a soft, smooth and gentle motion?

Choosing the right wood, style and finish for you;

» In garden furniture, wonderful British woods such as Oak and Western Red Cedar give longevity, strength and fade over time to a majestic silvery grey.

» Spray painted vac-vac treated Pine Swing Seats add a splash of contemporary colour to your garden.

» All of our timber comes from FSC sustainable sources guaranteeing tracking from felling and replanting through to our workshop and finally to you.

» Eco carpenter and swing seat designer Martin Young is always available to advise on every aspect of buying a wooden garden swing seats or garden furniture.

» Each swing seat is one of a kind, personalised and hand crafted, just for you.