Garden Swing Seats for Trees

There's something a little bit special about relaxing under a leafy tree on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And now all Sitting Spiritually Swing Seats can also be hung from the bough of a tree, without the "A" frame structure.

Hanging from a Pergola or Gazebo click here

Hanging a swing seat from a tree

All we need from you are details on the height and circumference of the bough of the tree you would like to hang your new seat from, and we will prepare the rest for you, a sturdy stainless steel chain set to attach to the tree. Please make sure that the tree bough has sufficient load bearing capacity. see more...

Maximum capacity for each seat is 900lbs with suspension springs attached.

We are always happy to discuss how to hang - and your new seat will arrive fully asembled and ready to hang.

Watch our video below for further details...

Any of our swing seats can be supplied to swing from trees.

Please read our terms and conditions

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