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Accessories FAQ

Can I choose what accessories I want during or after ordering?

Yes. You can select what accessories you would provisionally like when you buy online, though this is in no way binding. We will always check with you exactly what options there are and find the right accessories for your needs.

The answer really is you can select your accessories at any stage of the order process before the final sign off, whether it be online or by phone or email.

Can I use my own cushions?

You are more than welcome to use your own cushions, however we would stress that ours are specifically made and designed for our product range with complimentary colour palettes.

We use an outdoor furniture cushion fabric called Sunbrella that doesn’t fade, and allows water to pass through it. It means you can leave them outside in the rain and it’s not an issue.

How do I know what vinyl or fabric to choose?

We would always recommend using Sunbrella fabric for cushions. The only time it’s different is for a day bed mattress. Because the mattresses are large and quite cumbersome, they tend to be left outside year round so the Nautolex Maritime Vinyl is well suited to handling the wear and tear.

Why would I want suspension springs?

Suspension springs soften the feel of the whole seat which makes a notable difference. 

Can you provide recommendations on what I should have?

Yes, no one knows our products as well as we do. We will gladly discuss with you what each different accessory does and whether it’s right for you.

Can the cushions be left outside?

Yes, we use an outdoor furniture cushion fabric made by Sunbrella..It doesn’t fade, and allows water to pass through it. So if you've left them out and it rains they will recover. We dont recommend they stay out permanently.

For our mattresses, we use a Nautolex vinyl that is fully water resistant.

What carvings can you do?

Inscriptions are the most popular, it's a simple charge per character  We will send you a digital preview of how your inscription will look before we commence with the carving.

We can also do unique carvings, symbols or caricatures set in to the wood. We’re open to new ideas for carvings, let us know if you want something unique or new.

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