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Martin Young

Founder & Director

About Martin

Martin Young, the founder of Sitting Spiritually, has a rich history in woodworking and a deep connection to the craft. From his early days as an apprentice in Coventry, Martin developed a unique blend of skills and a passion for carpentry. His journey in the timber and building industry is marked by diverse experiences, ranging from working as a carpenter and joiner to representing a timber treatment company.

Martin's pivot to creating garden furniture, particularly swing seats, began with a personal project that evolved into a business venture. His craftsmanship, influenced by his interests in meditation and Feng Shui, is evident in every piece he creates.


  • Carpentry and Joinery: Trained in Coventry, Martin possesses advanced skills in traditional and modern woodworking techniques.

  • Timber Knowledge: Years of experience in the timber industry, providing a deep understanding of materials and treatment methods.

  • Garden Furniture Design: Specialises in designing and crafting high-quality garden furniture, with a focus on swing seats.

  • Business Acumen: Successfully transformed a personal project into a thriving business, showcasing entrepreneurial skills.

Martin Says

"When we tried to open our garden to the National Garden Scheme, they noted it wasn't big enough for people to walk around for 45 minutes, and we had no seating to slow them down. This coincided with a visit to Glastonbury, where I found a swing seat at Chalice Well. Sitting there, I realised this could be the answer to what the National Garden Scheme meant in terms of seating. It was a moment of inspiration that led to me creating the very first Sitting Spiritually swing seat in my workshop. The seat was shown to the National Garden Scheme and they loved it - it was the beginning of everything; and that first swing seat still sits in the garden today."

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