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Siobhan Lancaster

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About Siobhan

Siobhan Lancaster, with her 16-year tenure at Sitting Spiritually, stands as a pillar of the company's growth and success. Her close collaboration with Martin Young and her hands-on involvement with customers have been instrumental in shaping the company's direction. Siobhan's role extends beyond administration; she has a significant influence on the design aspects of the products, contributing innovative ideas and leveraging her in-depth knowledge of the Arts and Crafts movement.


  • Longevity with the Company: Siobhan's 16 years of dedication to Sitting Spiritually showcases her deep understanding of the company's ethos and operations.

  • Design Influence: Contributed to several key designs, including the heart back and Four Seasons bench, reflecting her creative insight and understanding of aesthetics.

  • Gardening Expertise: Possesses extensive gardening knowledge, stemming from her experience of tending to a large rural garden in Devon for over 32 years, which informs her approach to garden furniture design.

Siobhan Says

"Working at Sitting Spiritually has been a journey of constant learning and innovation. My ideas, influenced by my brother Paul Reeves' expertise in the Arts and Crafts movement and my own gardening experience, have shaped many of our unique designs. From conceptualising the Four Seasons bench to adapting the heart back design, my role in the design process has been both fulfilling and impactful. It's about creating pieces that not only fit our customers' gardens but also tell a story - the story of nature, craftsmanship, and enduring beauty..."

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