Bespoke Pergolas

Bespoke Pergolas

Created by craftsmen for your exacting standards

Bespoke Pergolas

In addition to our usual pergola that we have offered for some time, we can now offer larger, bespoke pergolas.

On the one pictured we used prime grade oak with each component specially jointed and reinforced with stainless steel and plugged to give that traditional look.

 The site where we have positioned the bespoke pergola originally had a structure there, with a mature Wisteria clambering all over it.  Our installation team dismantled the structure, carefully and tenderly untwining the wisteria.  After construction of the new pergola, the Wisteria was gently coaxed onto its new home and we are happy to report is thriving. 

Our customer said of her new pergola:

Martin and his team created an exquisite bespoke pergola and swing seat for us this summer. 

 Martin listened very carefully to our needs and designed an elegant structure that creatively managed the large 11m patio we were looking to cover. He used his team’s horticultural experience to both diarise and execute the project to save our beautiful 80 year old wisteria and vine supported by his design. 

We had a wonderful team onsite who worked hard to explain every stage of the assembly project, even to our young sons who were most excited by it all! At every step their first objective was to ensure we were satisfied with their efforts. Martin and his team are real artists with wood and their passion is infectious. They are also fantastic company and we were very sorry to see them leave our garden, although so delighted with the stunning result!

Helen Beurier

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An inspirational focal point or an integral part of the overall garden design

Bespoke Pergola Garden Furniture

Prime grade oak beautifully crafted
and constructed to last for decades

Typically, a pergola is designed and built to support itself and the weight of the plants it supports. A Sitting Spiritually pergola is designed to be far more robust. We over-engineer our structures to support the weight of the swing seat and  the people sitting on it. But also, the extra loads created by the lateral forces generated  by the swinging motion. The tolerances we build into the design and construction, particularly the joints, mean you have a super strong structure that is guaranteed to last.

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We can design and build a pergola just from the dimensions of the space.

Or, we can work from basic line drawings supplied to us by yourself or client.

Or, if you have something particular and have completed technical drawings, we can build a structure to your exact requirements.

We are also happy to offer an installation service for our Swinging Day Bed & Swing Seat Pergolas, just ask us.

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