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10 fun garden activities for you and your dog

1. Tennis ball hide and seek

A dog’s keen sense of smell gives them a huge advantage with this simple game of ‘hide the ball’, but that doesn’t mean there’s not endless fun to be had. Your dog will play until the sun goes down—and longer if they could!

2. Scatter feeding

A simple variation on the tennis ball hiding game; simply secrete a few of their favourite treats around the garden, and watch as they do their best to hunt them all down. Great exercise and a great way to hone their scavenging skills.

3. Fun with water

If there’s one thing dogs love, particularly on long, hot summer afternoons, it’s water. Whether it’s chasing the stream from a garden hose or frolicking in a paddling pool, water is the perfect ingredient for an enjoyable time with your four-legged friend.

4. Obstacle course

Unless you’re training your dog for Crufts, this doesn’t have to be a military-strict operation. No points are deducted for knocking over cones! You can use anything to construct a stimulating obstacle course for your dog. Polytunnels, planks of timber, crates, hoops. Get creative!

5. Basketball

Set up a laundry bin on your lawn, take a seat, and practice throwing a tennis ball into the makeshift ‘basket’. Give your faithful companion the job of retrieving the ball each time you make or miss the shot. Endless enjoyment for you and your dog.

6. Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

A variation on the water entry—but with added bubbles. A bubble dispenser will keep a dog entertained and intrigued for hours. You can just sit back, relax, and shoot those soapy spheres into the air!

7. Doga

Doga, a portmanteau of dog/yoga, is a pet exercise phenomenon that came to the UK in 2004. While some might be sceptical of this novel idea, exponents of Doga have remarked on its many benefits. It’s a great way to exercise, bond, and have fun.

8. Fetch

A game as old as the bond between man and dog. There’s not much to explain. Find something to throw…and, well, throw it. A ball, a favourite toy, a rubber stick (not a wooden one!) and let your dog do the rest.

9. Football

Or soccer, depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on. Here’s something: dogs make great goalkeepers. Set up a makeshift goal—or invest in a proper one—and see if you can kick the ball past your own lovably furry friend.

10. Frisbee

While you might be limited by the size of your garden, even on a modest patch of lawn, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had simply tossing a frisbee for your dog. Extra points for flamboyant, acrobatic catches!

Posted on June 18th 2021

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