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10 of the best trees for a small garden

1. Peach tree

Not just reserved for the warm climates of the Mediterranean, peach trees are a small yet hardy option if you’re limited for garden space. Just keep them in a warm, sunny spot and you’ll reap the fruity benefits.

2. Magnolia

While some varieties of magnolia grow much too large for a small garden, there are more compact species available. Try the beautifully floral Magnolia macrophylla in a restricted outdoor space.

3. Ornamental cherry

The spring blossom of an ornamental cherry is an absolute feast for the eyes. An explosion of vibrant white and pink flowers. They’re also great for small gardens as they only grow to a maximum of 8ft.

4. Fig

Fig trees aren’t the most reliable fruit providers out there, but they are still worth growing for their eye-catching foliage and versatility. Grow them against a wall or train them into neat compact shapes.  

5. Hardy palms

As their name suggests, hardy palms are a robust, striking addition to any outdoor space. Their unique, tropical appearance and squat dimensions make them perfect for any number of different garden styles and sizes.

6. Strawberry tree

A neat, easily-maintained evergreen that will slot nicely into most small garden spaces. Growing up to 8ft, these trees will give you juicy red fruit in the summer and beautiful white flowers in the autumn.

7. Cotoneaster tree

Cotoneaster 'Juliette' is a beautiful semi-evergreen, low-growing shrub with drooping long branches and bright orangey-red berries. This slight little tree will grow no more than 2 meters making it ideal for small outdoor spaces.

8. Eucalyptus

With distinctive grey/green leaves, silvery bark and a slender frame, the eucalyptus can be a great addition to a modestly-sized garden.  It’s aromatic white flowers will also attract bees to your garden in the summer months.

9. Edith conifer

This vibrant spruce has the most distinctive blue pine needles you’re ever likely to see! The stunning foliage becomes tightly packed in a pyramid shapemeaning it’ll fit snugly into the smallest of garden spaces.

10. Grayswood ghost tree

Grayswood Ghost is known for its striking, ghostly-white bark. The green foliage is larger than most Birch varieties and turns a beautiful yellow in the autumn. With a maximum 8 meter growth, this tree won’t overpower your modestly-sized garden.

Posted on June 25th 2021

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