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10 Things to do with the kids in the garden

We're all suddenly living through an unprecedented time the like of which none of us have ever experienced.  With the children at home and so many of their usual activities closed, we'd thought we'd ease the burden a little by suggesting ten fabulous things to do outside with the family....

Living willow tunnel: 

Martin has just made one for the grandkids and it was so simple to achieve with some whips of living willow.  Of if there's no room for a tunnel, how about a simple garden sculpture?

Here are a few 'how to' videos you could try: 

How to Weave a Willow Basket

Shaping a Living Willow Tunnel

Willow Weaving Techniques

Toddlers water play: 

Pots and pans and buckets and spoons, simple but oh so effective fun.

Lawn games:

It’s amazing how much fun can be had with a ball! 

Pushing your children on a swing:

Such an old fashioned, but lovely thing to do, it will help you to spend quality time with your children and help them get a good lung full of fresh air too!

Scavenger hunt: 

Make some cards together with your kids with all sorts of outdoor things on them, it could be dandelions, a worm, a feather etc etc. Take 10 cards each and race to see who can collect (or photograph) their ten items first. 

Vegetable or Flower patch: 

Start small, keep it simple and then when the fruits of your labour come to life, everyone can look back on the extraordinary time when you sowed the seeds.

Hedgehog highways and homes: 

This is a fantastic, step-by-step guide:  DIY Hedgehog House for Your Prickly Pal

Hide and seek: 

Getting siblings to entertain each other, and if there's a few of them, a game of sardines will always cause the giggles!

Hand painting on wallpaper roll: 

Have you got any old wallpaper lying around? Lay it out on the ground weighing the edges with stones or rocks.  Have a bowl of soap and water and a towel to hand. Allow yourself and your children to have fun getting messy! 

Bird watching:

The RSPB have created a fantastic resource for children with games and activities for kids.

Do take a look here

We hope we've inspired you, do send us photos if you do any of our suggestions.

Stay Safe. Stay Well.

Posted by Siobhan on March 23rd 2020

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