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5 Small Garden Furniture Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into stylish outdoor retreats with the right garden furniture. Here at Sitting Spiritually, we specialise in using traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs to offer customers a range of products that are perfect for any garden — even those where space is limited! From relaxing swing seats to elegant garden benches, let's take a look at five garden furniture ideas that will transform your compact outdoor space.

Tranquillity Garden Swing Seat in Oak

Flexible garden design

A classic, hugely popular swing seat from the Sitting Spiritually collection, the Tranquillity Garden Swing Seat in Oak comes in a range of sizes to suit any number of garden layouts. For those more compact outdoor areas: one, two, and three-seater options are available. Same iconic design, a less impactful footprint to suit your space.

The Tranquillity Swing Seat is crafted from slow-grown, FSC-sourced oak, ensuring it withstands the test of time while maintaining its stylish aesthetic. Its unique design, characterised by precision joinery and quality materials, offers a relaxing outdoor escape where you can indulge in the simple joys of your garden.

tranquillity swing seat in oak

The Tranquillity Garden Swing Seat in Oak

RHS Serenity Garden Swing Seat in Cedar

Durability and style for your smaller space

Handcrafted using durable cedar wood, the RHS Serenity Garden Swing Seat is another timeless furniture piece from our range. Its fluid, pendulous swinging motion encourages the user to unwind and connect with their surroundings. With a number of size options available, from one to four-seater, this can be the perfect addition to your smaller garden.

For even more flexibility, our swing seats can be hung from a handmade pergola arch, a wonderful space-saving solution for smaller or city gardens. From an aesthetic point of view, the cedar's natural reddish apricot hue, which gracefully weathers to a stunning pewter grey, ensures that the swing seat fits seamlessly with the naturally environment.

serenity garden swing seat in cedar

Serenity Garden Swing Seat in Cedar

The RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat in Oak

Natural beauty and craftsmanship

The RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat in Oak is a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship and the beauty of nature. Commemorating Sitting Spiritually's 20th anniversary, this swing seat draws inspiration from the acclaimed RHS Four Seasons Bench.

A three-seater swing seat, perfect for those smaller outdoor spaces, it's adorned with hand-carved inserts representing the four seasons, making it a truly unique addition to your garden. The sturdy oak construction ensures that this swing seat offers both stunning aesthetics and a durable garden feature that family and friends can enjoy throughout the year.

RHS four seasons swing seat

The RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat in Oak

Rockabye Rocking Bench

relaxation and nostalgic charm

The Rockabye Rocking Bench introduces a touch of classic elegance and nostalgic charm to your outdoor space. This beautifully crafted rocking bench offers a unique alternative to traditional garden benches with its soothing rocking motion, allowing you to relax without the need for an A-frame.

Perfect for smaller spaces; it will look just as at home in your garden as it will on a veranda or terrace. The Rockabye bench is the epitome of quality craftsmanship, designed to provide a peaceful retreat where you can rock the afternoon away, surrounded by the colour and beauty of your compact garden.

rockabye rocking bench

The Rockabye Rocking Bench

The Swirl Garden Bench

Modern elegance for any garden

For those who lean more towards a modern aesthetic, the Swirl Garden Bench offers plenty of contemporary style and elegance for your smaller garden. As a fabulous alternative to classic garden benches, the Swirl Bench features a super-modern design that's sure to make a statement in your outdoor space. 

Proudly showcased in RHS Wisley's new Hilltop Garden, this bench exemplifies modern garden furniture with its clean lines and minimalist design, providing a sophisticated and stylish seating option for any outdoor space.

swirl garden bench

The Swirl Garden Bench

Find the perfect small garden furniture piece

Incorporating these handcrafted pieces into your small garden will both maximise the use of space and enhance the overall ambience, comfort, and style of your outdoor setting. Whether you're creating a secluded spot for quiet reflection or a welcoming space for family gatherings, these furniture ideas promise to transform your garden into a space you’ll want to visit time and again. Why not get in touch today and let’s find your perfect seat!

Posted by Martin Young on March 27th 2024

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