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We were recently sent this lovely story from a customer, who has given us permission to share it on our blog….

It's February 2016 and we're just about to take delivery of our Sitting Spiritually Swing Swing Seat. The thoughts of wanting a swing chair were first sown several years ago (thankfully not as many as the trees used to make it). Whilst at a barbecue with family and close friends we found ourselves relaxing in one, admiring our host’s garden and listening to the conversations and wildlife, our minds well away from the pressures of work.

It took a few years to pass and a few searches before a string of events to find the one. My partner Jen had given me membership to the RHS as a Valentine’s present. As newcomers to the society we quickly signed up to visit the shows. It was at Chelsea where we saw Sitting Spiritually’s work for the first time, amongst the many delights of the show. Our attention that year was turned to buying our first house together so the swing chair took a back seat (no pun intended). 

Our next chance sighting was not until visiting one of our favourite gardens, RHS Rosemoor in Devon as a prospective wedding venue (we had based ourselves in their wonderful holiday apartments for RHS members which I will no doubt regret sharing with you). Upon entering the formal garden area we saw their Tranquillity seat and as we approached the couple had just left and so we took 10 minutes out of our planning to relax and enjoy the moment. 

Over the years of ad-hoc searches we had not come across a seat so comfortably natural, and elegant yet robust. Believe me when I say we had looked into everything from longevity, springs, cushions, frame materials, treatments and maintenance, arbours...

A small matter of organising an official engagement at Hampton Court flower show quickly followed before the big day in August.  The events team at RHS Rosemoor were excellent and treated our small wedding party to a fantastic service (they do much larger weddings too). What we did not know at the time, delivered right next to our drinks reception on the croquet lawn about a month before our wedding was a new Sitting Spiritually swing seat from the 2014 released RHS range. Some of our most cherished memories and photos from the day were taken upon it and sit on display at home. 

We are now looking forward to enjoying our very own specially commissioned seat with family and friends over the years ahead. With the all-important drinks shelves to sit back and relax enjoying the garden with a cup of tea/coffee or a cheeky glass of Pimms and lemonade.


Special thanks to A&J from all of us at Sitting Spiritually ♥

Photos courtesy of Jayne Poole Photography

Happily Married

Posted by Siobhan on April 15th 2016

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