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Ageing Gracefully....

The Oak Tree

by Anonymous

The oak tree is a brave old tree,
It lives to be quite old,
It gives good shade in summer,
And stands the winter's cold.
The men who build the stately ships
That sail across the sea
Think there's no wood so strong, so good
As the brave old white oak tree.


We feel it is a great testament to growing old gracefully that our Kyokusen in Curved Oak has this month been featured in the national glossy magazine Period Living (see photos below)

This majestic four seater oak swing seat has been in the Sitting Spiritually Garden for over fifteen years now and one of the key things about it is that it has been lovingly looked after.  Whilst in the early days of a commission, we do advocate letting nature take care of things, but, as time progresses, oak, like all of us, will thank you for giving it some TLC along the way.

Over time and the changing seasons, the oak will lose its natural oils that sit on its surface. These oils play an important role, they prevent the water becoming ingrained in the natural fissures of the wood and stop fungi developing. It is also really important to prevent any build up of algae, as this can be the enemy of the timber.

You need to accept that without an annual clean the life span of your furniture will be shortened, so it really is worth taking the effort to look after it.  It needn’t be an onerous task by any means, we all want to look our best with minimal effort after all!

The Kyokusen in the Sitting Spiritually Garden has an annual clean and refurbishment, using the products we recommend to our customers, you can read about our aftercare service which talks about about looking after your garden furniture and that is how it has remained looking so beautiful and in peak condition.

All this really reiterates our mantra of “Buy Once, Buy Well”   and as we have said we firmly believe that when you buy a piece of Sitting Spiritually furniture you are making  an investment in an extremely high quality, bespoke British product, one which if you look after it, will be in your family for many years to come, as the Kyokusen in the Sitting Spiritually Garden featured in Period Living Magazine shows. 

None of Martin & Celia’s Grandchildren were even born when this swing seat was created, and now they sit happily with their grandparents on it, creating memories for the whole family.

Every piece that leaves our workshops has our Little Book of Care attached to it, to ensure your piece has a long life with you and your family, as our Kyokusen can show you.

So Buy Once, Buy Well, and show your furniture you love it and you too can create lasting memories with your loved ones as your family grows.

And do come and see it for yourself in the Sitting Spiritually Garden, where you can try it, and the many other Swing Seats and the Swinging Day Bed, we have here.  Just do call first to make an appointment so that we may observe social distancing along government guidelines.  We’d love to welcome you here.

Posted by Siobhan on June 22nd 2021

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