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Autumn Lawn Care Guide

In the following text, you’ll find a detailed, step-by-step guide from Martin himself, showing how to maintain your lawn for Autumn.


Step 1

Step one in our Autumn Lawn Care Guide is scarifying. Using an electric or manual scarifier, pass over your lawn to remove any thatch. The scarifier uses steel blades to remove any build-ups of thatch from your lawn. Don’t be fooled, while your lawn may look healthy, you may be surprised with how much comes to the surface.

This step will allow more air, water and nutrients into your lawn, ultimately resulting in a firmer and healthier end product. Do 2-3 passes for best results. Be wary, if you’re using a manual scarifier the angle you use when passing over the surface will dictate how deep the blades go. When using an electric scarifier, you’ll have adjustable height settings. Don’t make the mistake of putting it on the lowest setting. You’ll want the scarifier to just touch the surface, so adjust as you go for the best results.


Step 2

Once you have scarified your lawn, the next step is to mow.

Mowing the lawn at this stage will lift any thatch from the surface brought up by the scarifier and give an even cut.

This should result in a clear lawn, leaving you ready for the next step.


Step 3

After mowing your lawn, you will need to aerate it.

You can do so by using a rolling spike aerator that rolls over the surface, perforating it with its spikes. The holes that are left from this tool allow for water, air and nutrients into the grassroots.

Similar in principle to the scarification process, this will result in a firmer, healthier lawn, making it an integral part of your Autumn Lawn care.


Step 4

With your lawn aerated and covered in small holes, you’re now ready to apply the dressing over the surface.

The dressing will provide essential nutrients for your lawn to promote healthy growth. Make sure to distribute generously and ensure you have plenty to spread across the entire lawn evenly.

You can spread the dressing across the lawn using a broom, prepped and ready to level out with a lawn lout.


Step 5

Next, you’ll want to level out the dressing evenly across the lawn. 

A great tool to do this on flat greens is a lawn lout. This tool pushes the dressing into the holes created during the aeration process while flattening the surface satisfactorily.


Step 6


The final step in our care guide is to feed the lawn.

The feed will help towards a stronger, greener lawn and will also help towards preventing the growth of moss.

Spread roughly at 35g to a square metre. We’d recommend feeding your lawn before forecasted rain, as this will help wash the feed into the ground.

And that concludes our Autumn Lawn Care Guide. We hope you find our guide to be useful and that the steps lead toward a lawn that you can be proud of. Should you want any further assistance or guidance, be sure to send us your questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Posted on November 25th 2020

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