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The Perfect Outdoor Addition

Best Garden Swings for Adults

Garden swings can be a timeless addition to any outdoor space, offering a unique blend of relaxation, beauty, and fun. But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re just for children…the simple pleasures of a handmade garden swing can be enjoyed across the generations. For the young or the young-at-heart, Sitting Spiritually's stunning range of handcrafted rope swings are suitable for all ages, tailored to blend seamlessly into any garden setting…

Single Oak Rope Swing

endorsed by the RHS

The Single Oak Rope Swing offers a combination of nostalgic charm and exquisite craftsmanship; a playful addition to any garden. Endorsed by the RHS, this rope swing is carefully crafted from kiln-dried oak, ensuring durability and strength. Meanwhile, the edges have been gently curved to provide a safe, smooth finish, making it ideal for users of all ages. Its versatility means that it can be hung from trees, beams, or a handcrafted oak frame.

And for extra peace of mind, our high-quality spliced ropes, made by a long-established marine rope maker, are threaded through the swing for a secure and resilient design. Beautiful, safe, expertly crafted: a true garden classic.

Single Oak Rope Swing with engraving

Single Oak Rope Swing

Two-Seat Oak Rope Swing

share the joys of swinging

Perfect for those who like to share their swinging experiences; the Two-Seat Oak Rope Swing allows two people to enjoy the beautiful outdoor surroundings together. The two-seater swing features the same high-quality oak construction and safety design as the single version — and just like the single, there’s the option for a personalised inscription to make for a thoughtful gift. Perhaps as a wedding present or for an anniversary, the two-seater oak rope swing will make a memorable addition to a loved one's garden. 

For weddings, our oak rope swings can become a wonderful feature for photographs of the big day, with the happy couple swinging, often surrounded by their bridesmaids and best man, making an already special occasion even more enchanting!

woman in a hat swinging on a Two-seat Oak Rope Swing

Two-seat Oak Rope Swing

Single Oak Frame

a swing for every garden

Sitting Spiritually offers a practical solution for those without an ideal tree for hanging swings with our range of FSC-certified Single Oak Frames. Available in three different heights to cater to various settings, sizes and swing preferences, each frame ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. A wonderfully nostalgic centrepiece for your garden space.

From the Tall Oak Frame for those thrill-seekers who enjoy seeing their feet in the clouds, all the way down to a more gentle swing with the Standard Oak Frame — with the Mid Oak Frame in between — there's a swing for every occasion!

Single Oak Frame Rope Swing at Dower House gardens

Single Oak Frame Rope Swing

The Trilogy Garden Swing in Oak

versatility and endless fun

The Trilogy Garden Swing is a versatile swing set that features three different seating options on one frame, making it perfect for a family garden. Lovingly crafted from Tranquillity oak, The Trilogy was recognised in a list of top swing sets by the Independent and continues to be one of our most popular pieces. Whichever combination you choose, whether it's rope swings, single swing seats or a combination of both, your garden experience will never be the same again! 

The Trilogy Garden Swing in Oak on a deck

The Trilogy Garden Swing in Oak

Find the perfect rope swing

an enchanting garden feature

Whatever the size of your garden, there’s a beautifully crafted rope swing in our range to meet your needs. Their robust construction and thoughtful design ensure that these swings remain a beloved part of your garden for years to come... and thankfully, there's no age restriction!

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Posted by Martin Young on April 30th 2024

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