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Birth Flowers

“A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world; it justs blooms.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

We are delighted to now be offering carvings of Birth Flowers to make your commission even more distinctive and unique.

Everyone knows about their zodiac sign or birthstone. But not many people know that there's actually a birth flower too which has its own special meaning.

So here's our guide on every month's birth flower and and if you order online there is the opportunity to add the flower of your choice, alternatively please just speak to us at the time of order.

January - Snowdrop

Distinctive white winter bloomers that symbolize hope and rebirth.

March - Daffodil

The unmistakable cheerful yellow flower that marks the beginning of spring.

November - Chrysanthemum

Commonly found in white, pink, yellow, and red, chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and honesty.

October - Cosmos

Vibrant, colourful; cosmos symbolize peace and tranquility.

September - Aster

Also known as frost flowers, the aster is a symbol of love and wisdom.

August - Poppy

Bursting with colour, the poppy is a symbol of remembrance and imagination.

July - Water Lily

A unique lotus-like flower that symbolizes purity or rebirth.

June - Rose

This quintessentially British flower represents love and devotion.

May - Lily of the Valley

With many a dainty blossom, this flower represents humility and motherhood.

April - Daisy

An English garden favourite that symbolizes childhood innocence, simplicity and joy.

February - Primrose

Pale yellow perennial signifying young love—perfect for a significant other.

December - Holly

A holiday season staple, holly is a sign of protection and defence.

Please note the flower carvings are all approximately 10cms high (including stem) and 5 to 8cms wide dependant on the month

Posted by Siobhan on April 22nd 2022

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