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Caring for Your Mature Garden Furniture

In the early days our wooden garden furniture needs very little maintenance, we recommend a light clean in the Spring to wash off any build up of algae and dirt, which are your furniture’s enemies when it comes to its longevity.  A light power wash will achieve this, ensuring not to go in too close, just be gentle. 

 However, what we are really focusing on here is the more mature furniture.  Just like us, as we age and mature, we could all do with a little help along the way to keep us looking our best, and your wooden garden furniture is no different.

 The Kyokusen you see featured here is in the Sitting Spiritually Show Garden, it was one of the earliest seats we made and is now over 14 years old.

 We hope you will agree it looks absolutely fantastic, so we would like to share the simple steps we carried out to achieve this, and which we will do once a year to ensure it goes on looking so attractive (we’re working on a solution for ourselves!)

 So we began by cleaning using Netrol and once dry gave it all a light sanding

 We then applied DEKS Olje D1

 Please just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on both products

 There is an immediate colour change to a golden colour but this soon fades.

 Care for your furniture and it really will repay you with its strength & longevity and that lovely silver colour

Posted by Siobhan on June 26th 2018

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