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How to Restore Wooden Garden Furniture

Summer really is starting to look like a distant memory now, but many of us love to use our garden furniture in the Autumn & Winter months and now is a good time to be thinking about a little TLC for it, both to see it through the coming months and for it to look its best when Spring arrives with a flourish.

With new wooden garden furniture, in the early days it needs very little maintenance, we recommend a light clean in the Spring to wash off any build up of algae and dirt, which are your furniture’s enemies when it comes to its longevity. 

However, what we are really focusing on here is the more mature furniture.  Just like us, as we age and mature, we could all do with a little help along the way to keep us looking our best, and your wooden garden furniture is no different.

The Kyokusen Swing Seat in the Sitting Spiritually Garden is now approaching 15 years of age, it was one of the first swings seats we ever made and it has been lovingly tended and cared for over the years and the photo below show you it still looks in its prime.  We hope you will agree it looks absolutely amazing, so we would like to share the simple steps we carried out to achieve this, and which we will do once a year to ensure it goes on looking so attractive (we’re working on a solution for ourselves!)

We have for some time now been using some particular products we have a lot of faith in, made by a company called Owatrol UK who produce a range of high quality, long lasting coatings which offer exceptional protection and superior finish, and these are the products we have used on the Kyokusen here in the Sitting Spiritually Garden, so we can recommend them to you with absolute faith in their ability to do an excellent job.

As a family business Owatrol UK absolutely pride themselves on their reputation as being ‘The Professional’s Choice’ and with products which have been established for over 70 years, so you can be sure that when purchasing from them you will get a product of the highest quality for the care of your garden furniture.

We recommend the following products if you would like to carry this out yourself, and you may buy these products directly from us. 

To care for your garden furniture we recommend the following two products:

Netrol and DEKS Olje D1  (please do be sure to  follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results)

Netrol, applied first, will clean, restore & rejuvenate your garden furniture, preparing it for the application of the DEKS Olje D1, this feeds the timber and replaces the natural oils lost from within the wood and protects it from any further damage that the elements may throw at it.

Please be aware that on completion your oak or cedar furniture will be a darker colour, but this will react to UV light and over a few months it will turn the soft mellow silver colour we often speak of.  UV light is still very much in evidence of the Autumn and Winter months, so it will start its work straight away.  Care for your furniture and it really will repay you with its strength & longevity.

Alternatively, we do offer a service whereby we will collect your Sitting Spiritually furniture from you and bring it into our workshops, where we can advise on any maintenance and repairs that may be required, as well as carrying out a thorough cleaning and feeding of the timber before returning your furniture to you.

Visit Aftercare  & Refurbishments on our Website

A customer who we carried out a refurbishment for said:

"Our three pieces of refurbished garden furniture were delivered back to us yesterday - what a wonderful surprise! It was all looking as beautiful as when it was new.

Congratulations and thanks to you and your team for dealing with our refurbishment request in such a professional way, nothing was too much trouble, including the transport you arranged through Saturn.

Thank you so much for all your help, it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you all."

The 15 Year Old Kyokusen in the Sitting Spiritually Garden

The photos below show a Kyokusen Oak Swing Seat, after it has been restored with Owatrol's Products and been subject to UV light which is restoring it to the mellow silver colour we often talk of......

Posted by Siobhan on October 14th 2019

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