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Celebrating 20 Glorious Years

Love all the seasons, because every season has its own treasures

As if in no time, unbelievably, here at Sitting Spiritually we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2024.

It's so amazing for us to look back to 2004, when Martin Young wanted to open the garden to the NGS, but was refused because they said there wasn't enough seating to encourage people to linger.  Having always longed for a classical swing seat, Martin set about making his own.  The NGS representative returned and said he could open and visitors soon flocked to the garden, many wanting a swing seat just like Martin's. The rest, as they say, is history, and Sitting Spiritually was born.

And so, introducing the RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat by Sitting Spiritually: a masterpiece celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

Drawing inspiration from our best-selling RHS Four Seasons Bench, this British-made FSC Oak Garden Swing Seat is a symphony of craftsmanship and nature. 

About the RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat

The RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat is more than just a garden accessory; it's a celebration of the UK's deep-rooted affection for the changing seasons. In a country where the rhythm of life is intimately tied to the ebb and flow of nature, this swing seat captures the essence of each season with artistic finesse.

The daffodil, emblematic of spring's renewal and hope, the summer rose representing passion and beauty, the oak and acorn symbolizing autumn's strength and resilience, and the delicate snowdrop, a beacon of purity and new beginnings in winter, all come together to create a narrative that resonates with the British love for their natural landscape. This intricate detailing not only pays homage to the changing seasons but also invites users to reflect and connect with the natural world in their everyday moments of relaxation and contemplation.  Which Season will you choose?

The RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat is strongly influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement and its core characteristics: a belief in craftsmanship which stresses the inherent beauty of the material, the importance of nature as inspiration, and the value of simplicity, utility, and beauty.

The swing seat is licensed and approved by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and is handcrafted by our team of master craftsmen in our West Country workshops. Using their high standards for precision joinery, and working with premium-quality FSC Oak, we are delighted to bring this stunning edition to our range for 2024.

The RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat is available, both in our Tranquillity & Kyokusen Ranges and may be viewed in the Sitting Spiritually Garden now

Winter Kyokusen
Spring Tranquillity
Summer Kyokusen
Autumn Tranquility

Winter Carving
Spring Carving
Summer Carving
Autumn Carving

Posted by Siobhan on January 18th 2024

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