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Changing Colours

One of the questions we are asked most often when people are considering commissioning a piece of Garden Furniture from us is:

 “Do you need to treat them with anything?”

 Our answer is always the same....

“No, but they will change colour due to UV light and many people prefer this”

This has prompted us to decide to take a three year old Kyokusen Oak Swing Seat to Chelsea Flower Show in 2016, so people can see for themselves exactly what we mean and the beautiful colour they mellow to in time.

A really good example is the following.  We were commissioned in 2014 to make a Serenity Cedar 4 Seat Swirl Back Swing Seat which our customers have had so much pleasure from that recently a kind relative of theirs commissioned us to make a matching Serenity 4 Seat Garden Bench as a gift.  Both pieces are shown in the photos, on delivery of the Garden Bench last month, and really do show the contrast of the two and the beautiful silver the Bench will turn to as it weathers, matching the original Swing Seat.  The swing seat has received absolutely no treatment whatsoever, just Mother Nature doing what she does best.

Serenity Cedar 4 Seat Swirl Back
Serenity Cedar Swirl Back & Matching Garden Bench

Our Tranquillity Oak & RHS Chestnut furniture would change in exactly the same way.  This really does show you how very low maintenance a Sitting Spiritually piece can be, all you need to do is sit back on it and relax, knowing that it is ageing gracefully as nature intended.

With special thanks to our customers for allowing us to feature their furniture

Posted by Siobhan on December 8th 2015

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