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Christmas Shopping with a certain "Wow Factor"

At this time of year we can offer some lovely presents such as personalised rope swings and milking stools and our ever popular Ammonite Table.  All these can be ordered for Christmas delivery and for carved ones you would need to order by 15th December and uncarved 19th December.

However, in recent years we have found we are getting asked a certain question, normally at the last minute, such as….

“I need a wow factor Christmas present, I don’t suppose there’s time for you to make me a swing seat?”

And sorry to be sexist but it is normally from the chaps!

So, we’ve learnt from this and leading up to Christmas we do make, for stock, our most popular choices and keep them back to fulfil that last minute wish.  One year we even managed to transport one to Switzerland in time for the big day!

So if you’re thinking you’ve left it too late, the answer is not necessarily.  Give us a call and we will do all we can to help, and we’re exceptionally good at surprises and our wonderful removals company Saturn Removals will nip in and deliver and assemble your commission wherever you would like to secrete it away for maximum impact on Christmas morning.

 So give Martin a call on 01297 443084 and we'll help you put a big smile on someone's face this Christmas!

Posted by Siobhan on November 21st 2016

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