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Garden Swing Seats for Every Garden

Garden Swing Seats are often associated with sprawling country estates and luxury designed gardens, but they actually can beautifully compliment any space.

They are versatile, yet impactful- no matter what environment they are placed in. 

Whether your garden plays host to an exceptional variety of flora, or if it has a minimalist stone aesthetic, we have an abundance of outdoor swing seats to transform your outside space into a tranquil and serene oasis of calm. 

Garden Swing Seats for Water Gardens

Water features such as fountains and ponds are wonderful for relaxation and for achieving a sense of mindfulness after a long stressful day. Water features can also become a self-supporting ecosystem for all kinds of wildlife, from fish to birds, giving your garden a vibrant and vital atmosphere.

 When your garden is this fruitful, a rocking seat is a perfect place to observe and admire the dynamics and goings-on in this abundant environment. 

The swaying combined with the trickling of the water will provide a multi-sensory experience to help you unwind and relax; the slow and steady motion of the seat will give you new vantage points from which to oversee your own personal paradise. 

We have several garden swing seats that would suit the botanical and lush environment that a water feature can often bring.

Garden Swing Seats for Patio Gardens

An outdoor swing set can be just the thing to bring some class and elegance to your garden patio. The level surface also is ideal for supporting a swing seat, making a patio a very safe option from which to appreciate and unwind. 

Patios are perfect for socialising and hosting your friends and family, but why stick to your standard garden chairs and tables? A Sitting Spiritually seat elevates your garden patio from a casual entertaining space to a stylish and sophisticated area that everyone can enjoy and admire. 

Our garden swing seats all look great on a patio, but here are some of our favourite options to transform your terrace.  

Garden Swing Seats for Smaller Gardens

Just because a garden is small, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be beautiful. Smaller spaces have the benefit of being easier to maintain and therefore can much more easily be tended to, making it simpler to keep an immaculate appearance. A garden swing seat is so beautiful to look at, that even if a garden has very few other features, it stands alone as a stunning statement piece.

We have some more compact swing seat options for smaller gardens available that can help you make the most of your space, without making it appear crowded and cluttered.

Garden Swing Seats for Grassy Gardens

There are few other more beautiful sights than a lush, green garden. This can be an enchanting backdrop for your outdoor swing seat, giving off a countryside-chic aesthetic that is timeless. 

We recommend placing a paving slab underneath your seat if you wish to place it on your lawn, in order to protect the wood from the elements. They can make a spectacular focal point for your garden and sit almost regally when placed in a central position on a lawn. 

Not only this, but we have many timbers that look strikingly wonderful against the viridescent hues of the grass. 

Garden Swing Seats for Paved Gardens

Paved gardens are so much easier to maintain and are perfect for busy lifestyles, however the slabs can often look plain and in need of livening up. 

We think our garden swing seats are the perfect way to do that; they take a plain back-garden and make it into a chic outside space for entertaining. 

We have a variety of seats to suit the minimalist aesthetic of a paved garden perfectly.

Garden Swing Seats for Floral Gardens 

Our garden swing seats and horticulture are a fantastic pairing. Not only do our seats compliment the beautiful colours and textures that a floral garden holds, but you can underplant flowers below our garden swing seats, allowing the scents to waft up to you while you sway in total serenity. 

You can even allow flowers to wind up one of our pergolas or swing seat frames, making your garden swing seat a truly gorgeous fixture of your garden- like something straight out of a fairytale.

Have a look at some of our swing seats that will accentuate the natural beauty of a floral garden.

Posted on July 13th 2021

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