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Garden Swing Seats for Floral Gardens

Sitting Spiritually swing seats and flowers- it is hard to think of a more perfect pairing

Floral gardens are so diverse, with so many unique colours, textures, and scents. In turn, our seats are incredibly versatile so will never fail to complement a garden abundant in flora. With the multi-sensory experience that our seats provide, your senses will be stimulated by floral scents and stunning shades of colour that you may not have seen had you remained fixed in one spot.

In amongst the flowers, our seats look like something out of a fairy-tale and give you the perfect vantage-point from which to observe your beautiful garden in bloom.

Have a look at some of our seats that will accentuate the natural beauty of a floral garden.

The painted wood of the Accoya swing seat is reminiscent of an idealistic rural life that seems like a relic from the distant past. 

The painted finish combines a chic aesthetic with the charm of country life, perfect for surrounding with flowers. 

This seat looks particularly charming situated beneath a blossom tree, or in amongst some wild flowers to further accentuate it's quaint appeal. 

If you underplant these wild flowers, particularly ones with a potent scent, the scents will waft up to you as you swing. This makes the experience on our seats infinitely more serene and pleasurable. 

Pergolas are perfect for floral gardens, especially smaller spaces. This is due to the fact that you can get climbing flowers to grow up your pergola, extending your garden up towards the sky.

Not only does this save on space, but this is a truly heavenly and idyllic image. 

Wisteria, honeysuckle, and climbing roses are very effective in making your swing seat into a floral haven. 

If you'd prefer to have your feet on the ground but still want the feeling of rocking in the breeze, the Rockabye is perfect for you. 

This seat allows you to stay on eye level with your blossoms, giving you a feeling of being completely immersed in all the beauty that nature has to offer. 

The Rockabye sits more subtly in your garden than a swing seat in a frame. This means that this is an ideal option if you wanted a more understated swing seat, in order to give your flowers the limelight. 

You won't find a bench quite like this anywhere else. 

This bench was the result of a collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society to commemorate their 100 year anniversary of the Chelsea Flower Show.

With it's floral-themed carving and inscription, it is a must-have for any keen botanist or fan of the Chelsea Flower Show. 

This bench would naturally complement a rose garden flawlessly, due to the intricate carving of a rose in the centre of the piece. 

Posted on July 20th 2021

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