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Garden Swing Seats for Grassy Gardens

There is a reason why rolling hills and lush green fields are considered some of the most enchanting scenery that the British countryside has to offer. Grass provides a timelessly beautiful backdrop for all gardens, regardless of whether they have a modern or traditional aesthetic.

The timber of our outdoor swing seats looks splendid when offset by the vibrant green tones of a fruitful and thriving lawn. 

We recommend placing a paving slab underneath your seat if you wish to position it on your lawn, in order to protect the wood from the elements. While this is a practical measure, the contrast between the grass, paving, and wood can make a spectacular focal point for your garden and allows your seat to sit regally when placed in a central position on your lawn. 

Take a look at the swing seats we think complement the serene hues of a grassy garden.

Imagine the tips of the grass tickling your toes as you swing gently in the breeze on a crisp spring morning.

This sounds almost too perfect, but it could be a reality for you and your family.

Suspending your seat from a tree or other structure can allow the backdrop of your garden speak for itself, as it does not have to contend with a beautiful pergola!

This is another piece that allows the viridescent hues of the grass in your garden to shine through. The rustic look of the layers of rope intertwining give your grassy garden an effortlessly charming feel. 

This outdoor swing is perfect for kids (and big kids!) to enjoy. Plus, in the event of any accidents, grass provides a much more comfortable landing than concrete!

The Serenity's timeless elegance is one that suits a grassy garden perfectly. This swing seat looks like something out of a watercolour painting, when  placed against the soothing green tones of the pastures of your garden. 

If you accessorize your rocking seat with cushions and blankets, it provides the perfect homely feel to make your garden a space of peace and comfort. 

Garden Swing Seats Made of Oak 

The earthy tones of the oak and the grass complement each other with a sophisticated vibrancy. Particularly when the sun beams down onto your garden swing seat, coating it in a gold sheen. 

We have several stunning oak outdoor rocking seats, for example: The Tranquillity (pictured), The Kyokusen, and The Trilogy.

Posted on July 20th 2021

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