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Garden Swing Seats for Smaller Gardens

Just because a garden is small, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be beautiful. We have a variety of options that are great for smaller spaces. Our seats have the chance to shine in smaller gardens, as they can take centre stage without overcrowding and cluttering the space.

Our seats are so singularly breath-taking that even if a garden has very few other features, it stands alone as a stunning statement piece.

A garden swing seat also adds levels and varying heights to your garden, which can create the illusion of having more room. For example, if you have little room to grow flowers, you can get some climbers to grow up the side of the frame of your seat. This allows you to grow beautiful plants in a compact and spatially efficient way.  

We have some more compact options available that can help you make the most of your space, without making it appear crowded and cluttered, take a look here.

All of our seats come with the option of being single seats (apart from the Kyokusen), which is a great option for anyone seeking some alone-time in a quiet and calming outside space. 

These are our smallest swing seat option and are therefore great for making the most of your smaller garden, without to compromise on the beauty of your seating. 

Each single seater swing still has the same intricate craftsmanship as our larger pieces, with the added bonus of not having to share your seat!

If you have a smaller garden but don't like the idea of exclusively enjoying your rocking seat alone, then we have the perfect compromise. 

All of our garden swing seats have the option of being made as a two-seater piece. While this is larger than the one-seater, it allows you to enjoy the experience of a Sitting Spiritually seat alongside a loved one- without taking up too much space. 

While not a swing seat, this is a bench with a difference.

The side slats can be tied with the hempex rope provided in order to conserve space and simultaneously act as back rests, but also let down to form built-in side tables- perfect for resting your drink on. 

This is an elegant solution to struggling to fit a bench in a smaller garden, as you can extend your seat or conserve space as you see fit. 

This rope swing is great for the little ones all year round. 

The benefit of having a round rope swing in a smaller garden, is that you can swing around 360 degrees, making the most of the space around your swing. 

These are easy to hang in your garden from a tree and we will guide you through how to do this once your swing arrives. 

These swings can also be engraved with a sentimental message, transforming your swing into a precious family heirloom. 

Posted on July 20th 2021

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