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Garden Swing Seats for Water Gardens

If you are lucky enough to have a water feature in your garden, such as a pond or fountain, then you know just how much solace can be found in listening to the trickling of the water as your mind clears from the stresses of the day. 

Garden water features also attract an abundance of wildlife, from dragonflies to tadpoles, and can turn a slightly barren back garden into a plentiful oasis teaming with life. 

 When your garden is this fruitful, you need a place from which to observe the lively environment sustaining itself. What better place than from a beautifully made, hand-crafted swing seat? 

The swaying of our seats combined with the trickling of the water will provide a multi-sensory experience to assist you in taking in your water garden from every angle.

The muted and tranquil blue-green hues of a garden water feature mean that brighter and more vibrant seats won't clash with their surroundings. 

The glossy surface of the water will reflect the seat's colour, making it stand out as a prominent and striking focal point in your garden.

If you're someone who likes vivid colours and making a statement with your furnishings, a pop of colour in your water garden gives it the perfect quirky edge.

The Kyokusen's sculptural lines and rustic edges emulate the driftwood found on the seashore, blending in seamlessly with the gentle ripples on the surface of the water. 

It's elegant frame and impressive stature holds it's own against even the most prominent of water features. 

The curves of this beautiful seat are determined by the individual tree it was crafted from, making it the perfect seat for a naturally abundant garden.

It's not just swing seats that can flawlessly complement a water garden, our swirl bench looks particularly delightful against the backdrop of a pond or fountain. 

The smooth curves of the bench mimic the ripples or waves that appear on the surface of the water. Therefore, this bench is truly perfect for sitting and watching the day go by against the soothing tune of the burbling water. 

Often found on sea coasts or river shores, ammonites are fossilised remains of ancient marine predators dating back hundreds of millions of years ago. 

Ammonites hold a special significance to us at Sitting Spiritually, as we are proud to be based in the globally renowned fossil-finding location of Lyme Regis.

Lyme Regis is home to the fossil beach, The Ammonite Pavement, which is the only place in the entire world that has so many huge ammonites embedded into the rocks (some reach up to 70cm in diameter). 

If you have a water garden, the chances are you are fond of marine and aquatic life. If you'd like to pay further homage to this beautiful aspect of nature- look no further than an ammonite-engraved seat.

Posted on July 20th 2021

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