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Gardening gloves: a 6-step guide

1. Light work: light gloves!

If you’re undertaking light gardening jobs, such as raking, collecting leaves or mixing soil, cloth gloves are a perfectly sensible option. Cloth gloves are also great if your alfresco task requires a bit of flexibility and fiddly hand movements. Like mowing the lawn or operating a chainsaw.

2. Protect your hands with leather

Handling rocks, removing brambles, planting trees. These are all gardening endeavours for which leather gloves (genuine or synthetic) are best suited. Shield your precious fingers and palms from cuts, pokes, prickles and grazes with this durable, puncture-proof material.

3. Water and mud-proofing

If you’re working in wet and/or muddy conditions, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some rubber, latex or PVC gloves, to keep those hands clean and dry. If you’re concerned about sacrificing the protection of a leather glove, simply slip a latex glove underneath for added moisture defense!

5. Chemical protection

If it’s oils, greases, pesticides or harmful chemicals you’re handling, it’s time to put a pair of neoprene or nitrile gloves on your shopping list. If you’re not sure, always make sure to check the label of the chemical or harmful material you’re using, and make sure your glove is up to the protection task.

5. Multitasking!

Multipurpose, traditional gardening gloves—a mixture of cloth and rubber lining for the palms and fingers—are a great catch-all purchase for most outdoor tasks.  They offer plenty of dexterity for weeding and pruning, while being thick enough to provide some protection for more perilous undertakings like stone masonry and lifting logs. 

6. Don’t forget your arms!

For the serious pruners out there; for those of you who like to get arms-deep in a thorny rose bush, you might consider a specialized glove. One that extends over the wrist and up the arm. For all your thorny, bramble-removal needs, a hardy, flexible pruning glove is a great option.

Posted on August 20th 2021

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