Happiness is...a good old fashioned rope swing

Single Carved Oak Tree Swing
Single Carved Oak Tree Swing

We’ve found there is something about a good old fashioned rope swing, or tree swing as they are sometimes called, that brings out the child in all of us.  Who could resist the sight of one hanging on a tree? We defy anyone not to want to just get on & have a good old swing, invoking all sorts of childhood memories.

We have also found over the years that there are some questions that we are asked regularly, such as....

  • With so many companies offering rope swings, how do I choose one?
  • How do I hang a rope swing in a tree?
  • How do I know what length rope I need?

These questions occurred again and again, so we made these short films which we feel address the most frequently asked questions

Another question is "we would love to have a rope swing but don’t have a suitable tree, what can we do?"  With this in mind we designed our special tall high frame, especially designed to achieve a really high swing!  

View the frame here

Our rope swings are all made from FSC Certified Kiln Dried Oak.  The National Trust have also bought our products for their gardens, and believe us, their testing & safety procedures are extremely vigorous, so what greater endorsement could you ask for?

If you're ready to place your order and would like to buy online, please Visit Our Rope Swings

Or just give us a call on 01297 443084 & we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have


Posted by Siobhan on March 14th 2016

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