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Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport started her self-titled lifestyle brand in 2007, and since then it has been featured in prestigious publications such as: Country Living, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail just to name a few. 

Sophie Allport is an independent, British, and family owned business, which draws inspiration from Sophie's love of the countryside and the beautiful world around us.

Hi Sophie, thank you so much for taking time out to speak to us today. We thought we'd start off by asking you what the motivation was behind you starting your brand, Sophie Allport?

Ann-Marie holding a watering can ready to garden in some colourful heels

My parents encouraged me to work hard at what I love, and I have always loved to draw and paint.

I was so lucky to have supportive parents that allowed me to follow my passion.

After University, I worked in London as a freelance illustrator for many years.

My brother and I had always wanted to run our own business, and in 2007 we joined forces where Sophie Allport Limited was born.

I just wanted to make things that made people smile, allowing people to fill their lives and homes with the things we all love.

You started your business with your brother, Jem, would you say that family values are part of your business ethos? How has this influenced your products?

Family values are very much a part of our business ethos, and I am so glad to have my brother right by my side through everything.

We have had seven core values that have remained the same since the start in 2007, and one of them is to show family values to both our staff and customers.

As we have grown, we have expanded our product range for the whole family, including lots of products for children from cushions and backpacks to pyjamas and baby grows. We have also recently started offering a personalisation service, which just makes a gift that little bit more thoughtful and is perfect for family members.

"Family values are very much part of our business ethos"

Do you take a lot of inspiration for your designs from nature?

Yes, everything around me inspires my designs. I live in the countryside, in Lincolnshire, and we are surrounded by so much wildlife and nature, which is so lovely to see every day. I focus my designs on the little things that make me smile, from bees and butterflies to hares and foxes racing across the fields. 

The trunk of a Tibetan Cherry tree

Which of your products would you suggest for a gardening-mad friend or relative?

That is a tricky one as we have so much! We have just brought out a new range of gardening tools and accessories, which are ideal for those who love gardening or even beginners. I also love our The Kitchen Garden Mug.

It features a scene of a country kitchen garden and is perfect for sipping your coffee whilst walking around the garden in the morning, checking on the flowers and veg.  

How would you personally style the Tranquillity swing seat using Sophie Allport products? There are so many designs to choose from!

I would probably change it up for each season, but to start with, I would scatter a couple of Bees Cushions across the seat and pair it with our lovely Bees Knitted Throw, perfect if it gets a little chilly. I would also arrange some of our plant pots around the base filled with seasonal flowers, perhaps some cosmos and delphiniums, to attract the bees and butterflies.

You seem to really enjoy the outdoors and gardening; would you say this benefits your mental and/or physical well-being?

I have loved pottering around in the garden over that past year. It has had so many benefits too, from learning about what vegetables to grow and when to plant them to just getting some fresh air and spending time outdoors.

I am often out there with my girls (three dogs and four chickens) and my three boys where there is always a cricket, rugby, or football whizzing past my ear! So I have become quite good at either dodging or catching the latter! 

Sophie Allport modelling items from her bee-themed collection

What is it like working in an independent, family-run business?

Really great! It has been so lovely to see the team grow since we first started in 2007. My brother Jem is a qualified accountant, so he runs the business side of things, allowing me to purely focus on the product and design aspect, we work so well together! We are such a close-knit team and a big Sophie Allport family.

Can people visit your ‘bricks and mortar’ shops? Where are these situated?

Yes, if you are visiting Lincolnshire, then we have a shop on the beautiful Stamford High Street, as well as an outlet shop at our headquarters in Bourne.

Sophie Allport, 26-27 High Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2AY

Sophie Allport, The Old Brewery, Spalding Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9WG

Posted on June 22nd 2021

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