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How rocking helps adults sleep better

Being rocked to sleep doesn’t just work for babies, recent research says that adults trying to sleep better may want to consider investing in a hammock to benefit from the same effect.

Researchers found that in a group of 18 volunteers asked to spend the night in both a normal bed and one which rocked, those in the moving bed fell fully asleep much faster and were less likely to wake in the night.  They also got more deep sleep, which is crucial for storing information  in the brain & performed better in memory tests. The researchers said they found that the motion of being rocked synchronises the brain waves that control sleep, which could be because as babies we were rocked back and forth in the womb.

The University of Geneva concluded:

“Sensory stimulations may disrupt or enhance sleep…certain noise keeps us awake, whereas the gentle sway of a hammock may soothe us to sleep”

Well we say the same about swing seats and swinging day beds and the ultimate relaxation they give.  In our opinion there is simply nothing like the gentle motion they bring, and whilst you may not have them in your bedroom (now there’s a thought!) who’s to say you can’t feel their benefit during the day time and evening, leading to greater relaxation and a calmer mind.

Martin Young, owner of Sitting Spiritually, is a great advocate for the benefits of the gentle swaying motion & takes a short nap on either his four seater Kyokusen Swing Seat or the Swinging Day Bed in the Sitting Spiritually Garden whenever time and weather allows, he's lucky, he has plenty of choice!  He firmly believes the gentle swaying motion makes him fall asleep much quicker and he wakes far more refreshed.  We believe more and more garden designers are thinking of this relaxation benefit when planning spaces to just be in the garden, every garden, whatever the size, can have a special place to sit or lie & we can advice on all aspects of garden swing seats.

Food for thought indeed.....zzzzz

The Sleeping Beauty, from the Legend of the Briar Rose by Burne Jones

Posted by Siobhan on February 26th 2019

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