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How to hang a rope swing from a beam or ceiling

While it is certainly a charmingly whimsical sight, you don’t just have to hang your rope swing from a tree. In fact, hanging a rope swing from a beam or ceiling can bring together the best elements of your interior and exterior space. This is one of the biggest design trends currently, and can look unconventional yet chic. This is perfect if you’re looking for a unique feature for your interior space. 

We have developed a stainless steel pivot set which will assist you in hanging your seat from a beam or ceiling effectively and safely. This set also ensures that swinging from our rope swings is a smooth and tranquil experience. 

It is important to measure the height of the beam or ceiling and to provide these measurements to Sitting Spiritually.

The contents of our kit includes:

2x 10mm stainless steel eyebolts 200mm long (longer available upon request)

2x stainless steel 8mm D shackles

2x specially made nylon pivot bushes

2x bespoke length ropes spiced in thimbles (as shown)

Special pivots for your Swing by Sitting Spiritually


Made especially for Sitting Spiritually products, our d-shackles create a wonderfully smooth swinging experience.

D-Shackles Swing Seat Sitting Spiritually

Stainless Steel Eyebolts

Our stainless steel eyebolts with a woodscrew thread are commonly used for hanging indoors and screwing into an existing ceiling.

Eyebolts for Beams

Eyebolts for Beams

These eyebolts are specifically for hanging swing seats and rope swings on beams and come in 65mm, 200mm and 300mm.

Posted by Siobhan on October 26th 2021

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