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How to hang a rope swing on a sloping bough

This may seem like a challenging feat, but if you follow our guidance, it is actually very simple. However, this will involve you climbing up to the sloping bough, so great care is needed in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

By changing the fulcrum point from the bough to the pole, you will improve it by approximately 60%. It involves two simple knots and any suitable pole. 

Take a look at the diagram below:

Step one:

Safely climb up to the bough and use the knots above to insert a pole through each end.

Step two: 

Move this pole up as close to the bough as you can get it, making sure it is perfectly horizontal. 

Step three: 

Here are the knots you need to use to fasten the swing securely.

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Posted by Siobhan on October 26th 2021

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