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Hanging a Swing Seat Without a Frame

Sometimes, the idea of being able to swing in order to relax is an enticing thing. A hanging swing seat can feel like it is suspended in the air, which makes for a truly comfortable, relaxing and visually appealing, restful, experience.

The swinging motion makes us feel free and calm & because of the sweet, almost nostalgic, sensation we feel from swinging, it makes us feel good when we read a book or just relax on a hanging chair, allowing the stresses of everyday life to drift away on the breeze.

We are frequently asked if we supply our garden swing seats without frames and the easy answer is yes, many of our swing seats are commissioned to hang from trees, existing pergolas, gazebos, arbours and even a simple beam in a barn or outhouse.

We are always happy to advise on the best way to hang your swing seat, be it from a tree or one of the other structures mentioned above, or maybe you have your own perfect spot and just need some advise on how to achieve hanging your seat in your dream spot?

When hanging from a tree all we need are the height and circumference of the bough of your tree & we will prepare everything for you, including our sturdy rubber conduit to protect your tree from the chains.

When hanging from your own structure we will also advise, and often we send our stainless steel eyebolts to you in advance of your swing seat delivery so that these may be fitted ready for our delivery team to just hang your seat and you’re ready to go.

Below is a gallery of images kindly sent to us by customers, why not have fun imagining where you would hang your seat and let us help with the finer details, it will probably be a lot easier than you think.

Posted by Siobhan on September 8th 2020

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