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Luxury Gifts for Weddings

Going to a late Summer or Autumn wedding? Often the most tortuous part, after planning what to wear, is choosing what to buy the happy couple.

So, if you want to keep the gift-buying stress-free, and ensure you give something special that will remain in the couple's lives for years to come, it seems that highly personal gifts that continue to be used well after the romance has worn off, prove to be the best.

And this is where we come in, from a charming, hand carved rope swing, perhaps with the couple’s name and the date of the wedding, right up to a beautiful garden swing seat, and what could be more romantic that our Heart Back, in fact one happy couple based their marriage ceremony around one.

And whilst we fully realise that our swing seats can be on the upper reaches of your budget, we have often had people come to us where a group of people plan on clubbing together to commission us for the ultimate wedding gift for their friends or family, and we are always happy to help organise this.

For a really big, splurge, if the cost isn’t an issue, you could consider our Swinging Day Bed, a statement piece if ever there was one and one that will last for years and could accommodate a growing family!

For rope swings you could order from as little as a week in advance, but for the swing seats & Day Beds  we would suggest allowing four weeks.  Our excellent delivery team can nip in and install the seat at your chosen address, placing it in pride of place for the ultimate surprise for the happy couple, in time for you to dress it up with fresh flowers & ribbons, or anything that takes your fancy.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of buying a wedding gift please do have a chat with us, we’re very good at big surprises!

Posted by Siobhan on August 5th 2019

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