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National Gardening Exercise Day
6th June 2020

To enjoy National Gardening Exercise Day, all that is really required is to head out and water the plants, mow the lawn, and do some weeding, but more active people may choose to increase the intensity of their gardening efforts to really reap the rewards of exercise & then hopefully keep the momentum going, it doesn’t take long to turn this into a habit.

Perhaps consider using hand tools instead of electric and power tools, squatting instead of sitting, and bending from the back to limber the body up. Regardless of the type of exercise, any additional exercise will help your body, and being outside will mean a healthy and natural intake of vitamin D.

And we all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy right now, more than ever, a healthy body & mind means a healthy immune system too and it’s never been more advisable to maintain a good exercise routine.

Benefits of regular physical activity include:

Giving a boost to your immunity system: As the country tackles the coronavirus challenge, we need our immune system and antibodies to be at their fighting best!

Weight management: A key benefit of exercising is that it helps with weight management – especially important during this unprecedented lockdown period and the temptation to snack at home!

Mental agility: Exercise is essential for keeping your brain sharp and helping to prevent memory loss. Setting exercise goals each week will help you get through the lockdown.

May was National Walking Month

But why not make it every month? Try walking for 20 minutes every day as part of your daily exercise and see what benefits you get. During this lockdown, many of us are appreciating the chance to get out for a walk more than ever.  That 20 minutes can swiftly build up & you will reap the rewards in so many ways.

We'd also like to add though, that relaxation is a huge part of maintaining our physical and mental well-being & there is little more relaxing than swaying gently on a swing seat or rope swing, whilst taking in the fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature.  Allow yourself those quiet moments too, perhaps after some strenuous exercise in the garden, let your relaxation period be your reward and motivation for all that gardening effort.

Posted by Siobhan on June 6th 2020

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