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Our Clever Little Space Saver

Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.......

Many people have a smaller garden, particularly in towns, but there’s so much you can do with a small space to transform it into your own relaxing little sanctuary and one way you can get creative is with your choice of garden furniture.

We often hear from customers that they would love a swing seat but just don't have the space.

Well, this where our Rockabye comes in…. the Rockabye will be the jewel in the crown of your small garden, veranda or roof garden; a beautifully-crafted rocking seat that just oozes quality and nostalgic charm. You can enjoy the gentle and relaxing rocking motion—without the need of the A-frame that a swing seat takes. Peacefully rock the afternoon away in this beautiful distinctive garden seat.

The Rockabye’s unique design incorporates all the usual high-quality timber and stainless steel components you might expect from a Sitting Spiritually piece. This stunning rocking seat is made to sit in perfect aesthetic harmony with our swing seat range—meaning you can create a beautifully consistent outdoor furniture collection for your garden should you wish to add other pieces.

The Rockabye in the main image above is situated in the Sitting Spiritually Garden, so if you would like to experience one before buying, do make an appointment to come & visit us to try it for yourself, it’s in a tranquil part of the garden, once you're sat on it you may not want to get up and we'll even bring you a cup of tea!

Posted by Siobhan on January 29th 2024

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