Our Design Process

The Swinging Day Bed in the Sitting Spiritually Garden

When Sitting Spiritually founder Martin Young first started making garden swing seats, he had a distinct interest in Feng Shui. The need for soft corners, swirls and curves influenced his ideas right from the outset. This is epitomised in the Kyokusen Swing Seat, the distinctive curved oak creates a stunning frame that remains one of our most popular swing seats, strongly influenced by the curves and flow of the Torii, a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of a shrine. The beautiful curve and flow of the swing seat has a strong Feng Shui influence, the calming appearance fitting in beautifully amongst any garden.

We have always tried to produce something that is not just lovely to look at, but something that is a joy to sit on.  A bit like William Morris saying "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"  substitute house for garden & that's what we believe!

Our designs are inspired by our customers. The range has developed over the years by being asked by customers what we can do and whether we would consider a particular design or feature. The Swinging Day Bed for example, was the result of a garden designer asking us to design and produce one specifically for their client in the South of France. Working with them and their brief, we moulded the idea in to what we thought was a fantastic design. Once we had made it, it generated a lot of positive feedback and subsequent requests for more.

Since then we have introduced it to our range, to the extent that it was our flagship product at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2017.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary in 2014, we decided to mark this momentous occasion with a new addition to our range, The Heart Back and we were delighted that it was listed as a Finalist for The RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2014. The first designs for this new piece were initially created by Martin’s daughter, the artist Lucy Young. We then looked to and involved Paul Reeves, the leading Arts & Crafts Movement Expert who is happy to advise us as he is the brother of Siobhan, who works closely with Martin.  Paul had also assisted us with the design of the RHS Centenary Bench.  The Heart Back has since gone on to become our second highest selling back design.

This year a customer approached us with an idea for a Garden Bench with drop down sides, & for this we were inspired by the famous Knole Settee.  Our maker James Amato came up with some stunning designs & we once again turned to Paul  Reeves for his advice and we were able to develop and refine our ideas for our new Knole Garden Bench, as shown in the photos below.

The additional features that have become synonymous with our garden furniture range like drinks shelves, inset ammonites, carvings and inscriptions are all a result of customer requests. We’re proud that our range is inspired by customers; we are always listening to feedback and shaping them in to new ideas. 

Have an idea?  We’re always happy to discuss new additions to our range.

Posted by Siobhan on May 14th 2019

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