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Our Favourite Garden Blogs.....

The Blackberry Garden  

Leicester-based ‘amateur and somewhat obsessed gardener’ Alison Levey opens the gates to her own garden, as well as inspirations and things about gardening that make her happy. Happy things include reviewing products, gardening books and sharing her current plant-related projects. 

The Blackberry Garden is not a ‘how to’ blog, the aim is to talk more about the enjoyment of gardening and it is read by people who garden and people who do not.

We were thrilled when Alison write a guest blog for us earlier this year, you can read that here

Alison was awarded the Garden Media Guild Blog of the Year 2019 and her Instagram is definitely worth a follow to: Instagram @blackberrygarden

Dig Delve

Dig Delve features the writing of garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson and includes stories about gardens, horticulture, plants, landscape, nature, food ...all with stunning photography by Dan’s Partner Huw Morgan. They primarily feature stories about gardens, horticulture, plants, landscape, nature, food growing and eating, but also be look at inspirational growers, producers, farmers, makers, cooks, florists, artists and craftspeople – anyone with talent, integrity and a fundamental connection to the natural world. 

 The Patient Gardener

Helen Johnstone is the Patient Gardener and she says “the title ‘Patient Gardener’ is quite aspirational as I’m not a particularly patient person.  However, I find that I am at my most patient when it comes to things horticultural, maybe its because being in the garden and working with plants helps to slow me down, soothing my mind and focusing my thoughts. You will find that my posts are my own thoughts and ramblings mainly about my garden, my trails and tribulations as well as my triumphs as I believe there is nothing more uplifting than realising that someone else is struggling with the same issues as you and we don’t all have those perfect gardens that are promoted in the glossy magazines”

The Anxious Gardener

David Marsden  writes about his life as a full-time, working gardener in East Sussex, England. He tends two, large private gardens and shows them, and their wildlife, through the seasons. He also writes on broader gardening themes with the occasional non-gardening post.

Sally Nex

A garden writer based in Somerset, in the glorious countryside of the south-west of England.
Sally covers all sorts of gardening information on her blog, which includes a ton of very helpful videos that offer instructions and creative ideas you may want to try out in your own garden. The blog also details any upcoming talks that Sally has, which she gives regularly around the UK to her fans and gardening enthusiasts.

Mr Plant Geek

Mr Plant Geek is Michael Perry, who brings over 18 years of experience in the horticultural industry to his blog as well as his presenting stints on QVC, This Morning, The One Show and BBC’s Great British Garden Revival. His wisdom (and willingness to share selfies with his favourite plants) have amassed him a growing following of more than 26,000 on Twitter, 22,000 on Instagram and 12,000 on his Facebook, but if you’re looking for shortcuts to gardening success, his blog is where to find uncomplicated tips – ‘I’m here to clear the fog, and help people enjoy easy gardens again!’

The Middle Sized Garden

Alexandra Campbell, draws on her skills as a writer and uses her blog to cover everything from how to use a garden fertiliser, growing vegetables, and how to improve your pruning. Do you have a middle-sized garden? Does it reflect your personal style? Is it a place where you can relax? Or where you love to spend time with friends and family or grow your own fruit and vegetables? Perhaps you’re looking for design inspiration or plants that won’t die on you. Maybe you’re worried about garden privacy, shady trees or pests that munch your plants? If your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre, this is the one for you.

 The Curious Gardener

A great favourite with our friends Jarman Murphy, Caleb Melchior describes himself as “I'm a plant geek, writer, and designer. My work focuses on plant communities, fine garden design, and landscape representation. I believe in presence - being close, paying attention”

If you have a favourite garden blog, do let us know as we'd love to revisit this subject , you can email Siobhan to tell her

Posted by Siobhan on June 22nd 2020

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