Our Journey of Authenticity: A Look At Our Online Reviews

Here at Sitting Spiritually, we're incredibly proud and inspired by the feedback we receive from our cherished customers. With over 400 five star reviews, each review is not just a testament to our craftsmanship, but a personal narrative of the experiences shared between our creations and the spaces they adorn. 

Over the years, the feedback loop with our customers has not only fostered trust but has been the cornerstone of innovation in our designs. It’s the minute, thoughtful touches suggested by our customers that have often blossomed into some of our most successful product designs.

How do you know if reviews are real?

We're acutely aware at Sitting Spiritually that we live in times where the authenticity of online reviews is often featuring on the news. With giants like Amazon facing scrutiny over fake reviews, it's understandable that potential buyers might look at our extensive list of glowing reviews with a pinch of scepticism. 

This brings us to address the authenticity of the reviews we’ve garnered on platforms like Trustpilot and Google, and why they are as genuine as the warmth you feel on a sunny day in our bespoke garden swing seats. So much of our family business is based on trust, honesty and workmanship, it's integral that you feel that same sense of trust when you browse our website.

How we collect our reviews

Trustpilot's Assurance of Authenticity:

At Sitting Spiritually, we send out review invitations to our customers post-purchase, giving them an opportunity to share their honest feedback on Trustpilot. The reviews collected are genuine reflections of our customer’s experiences.

Trustpilot maintains a strong stance against fake reviews or reviews written by company employees. They have robust guidelines in place to identify and remove such content, ensuring that what you read is a genuine reflection of a customer’s experience​.

The Trustpilot Transparency Report provides insight into the actions taken on flagged reviews, establishing another layer of trust in the authenticity of the reviews​​.

Google’s Badge of Honesty:

Google’s guidelines echo a similar sentiment against spam, fake, or duplicate content in reviews. They ensure that only genuine reviews find a place on a business’s Google My Business listings​​.

With an emphasis on authenticity and transparency, Google’s guidelines encourage businesses to maintain honesty while collecting and showcasing reviews​.

They also provide a framework for businesses on how to encourage user reviews while adhering to standards of authenticity, ensuring that the reviews are a true reflection of customer satisfaction​​.

By using two established, credible review platforms with such rigorous processes - you can rest assured that everything you read is entirely genuine experiences with us.

Earning your trust

Inviting our customers to share their experiences with us is a practice we hold dear. It’s more than just about building trust; it’s about forging a connection and growing through the lens of our customers. And when you read through the numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot and Google, know that they are as real as the stories we share through our creations. 

Through the rigorous guidelines and transparency measures of Trustpilot and Google, we ensure that the bond of trust we share with our customers is reflected genuinely across our website.


Martin Young - Founder

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Posted by Martin Young on November 2nd 2023

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