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Our Premium Refurbishment Service

"What a Wonderful Surprise"

Our three pieces of refurbished garden furniture were delivered back to us yesterday - what a wonderful surprise! It was all looking as beautiful as when it was new.

Congratulations and thanks to you and your team for dealing with our refurbishment request in such a professional way, nothing was too much trouble, including the transport you arranged through Saturn.

Thank you so much for all your help, it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you all.

A Premium Service

Rejuvenating tired seats

No matter how dishevelled or neglected your swing seat appears, our Refurbishment Service will rejuvenate its beauty, ensuring it once again takes pride of place in your garden.

We go way beyond just a thorough clean, we delve deep to rejuvenate your seat and bring back all its natural beauty. After meticulous cleaning, treatment, and necessary parts replaced, we return your seat to your garden. Expertly reassembled to its former glory, ready to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Let us extend the life of your commission by using our in-house service to restore your garden swing seat, bench, or rockabye, so it’s looking its very best.

As part of our aftercare and refurbishment service, we’ll collect your furniture and bring it to our workshops in Devon where we will refurbish it to the best level possible through a combination of gentle cleaning, restoration and application of products.

Any parts that need changing or repairing will be replaced.

“It looks wonderful and I’m thrilled “Can I just say that I am absolutely delighted with my refurbished seat. You did a masterful job of selling the process to me and I’m so glad I believed you. Thank you.”

The process normally takes around 4 weeks, depending on the condition of the seat. In our experience most customers prefer to send it to us through the winter period so it’s returned to them in time for the summer months, but we are happy to undertake it at the best time for you.

Some people like to have this service done when they are moving house.  We collect from your existing address, carry out the service, and then deliver it into your new garden.

To find out more or to get a quote for your refurbishment call 01297 443084 or email

Posted by Siobhan on April 11th 2024

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