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Own A Pre Loved Sitting Spiritually Seat

“Sitting in your garden is a feat to be worked at with unflagging determination and single-mindedness. . . . I am deeply committed to sitting in the garden”

Mirabel Osler (English writer and garden designer)

Many of you will know that our Garden Swing Seats and Benches can be found all over the country, in all four RHS Gardens, Hotels and many public gardens, meaning that there are many places for you to see one of our swing seats and try them for yourself.

But a little known secret is that we have a policy with all these public gardens to replace their Sitting Spiritually furniture every few years, this means that these Pre Loved Swing Seats could then go on to be very much loved in your own garden, and here’s how.

Each piece is delivered into the public garden brand new, for visitors to enjoy, and we are frequently told by the garden curators how much they are enjoyed.  We are proud to be in some truly beautiful gardens across the UK.

After around 3 years, they are brought back into our workshops, where they undergo our full refurbishment process, where we will refurbish the piece to the best level possible through a combination of gentle cleaning and restoration and application of products that we have thoroughly researched to be of the highest quality level for our furniture. Any parts that need changing or repairing will be replaced.

In turn, at the same time, a new swing seat is made for the appropriate garden, and so the cycle starts again.

Then, when the refurbished seat is complete, we offer them for sale to our list of newsletter subscribers, at a substantial discount to the comparable new seat,  so they really are only available to an exclusive list, and you can join that list by signing up to our newsletters here.

This presents a unique opportunity to own a pre loved Sitting Spiritually seat.  By joining our exclusive mailing list, you will hear in advance notification of when a pre loved seat is coming up, with the opportunity to buy it on a first come first served basis on the sale date.  They are normally snapped up within minutes of these newsletters popping into your inbox, and are a fabulous way of owning a slice of Sitting Spiritually History, with a provenance to be proud of.

To give you an idea, the Heart Back in the photos below was placed at RHS Garden Rosemoor in 2016 &  it was loved by many, and one couple in particular felt a little magic happen from it, when a proposal, and we're happy to say, an acceptance, happened on that very same seat.  You can read more about that Love Match here   That same seat is now part of our Pre Loved pieces and will be for sale very soon.  But to hear about it you do need to sign up to our newsletters very soon!

So you see each seat at one of these beautiful English Gardens has its own story to tell....

RHS Garden Rosemoor Heart Back
Heart Back After Refurbishment

Posted by Siobhan on December 2nd 2020

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