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Product Spotlight - The Swinging Day Bed with Cedar Roof

This is how we were inspired to create our new product:

"We were on the hunt for more than a swing. We wanted to build a space that encouraged peace and relaxation and could be used all year round. The moment we arrived at the Sitting Spiritually garden and met Martin, we knew that the products on offer were different. Frankly, we were sold on the swing bed before a single word about it was uttered. Martin listened carefully to what we were looking for and committed to helping design a bespoke roof that would enhance the swing and give us the all year round usage we were after. The whole process of selecting fabrics and accessories was very efficient with the assurance of quality throughout. On the day of installation, we met Alex who had crafted the swinging bed, pergola & roof, and would install it on site. The craftsmanship and care taken was impressive. Now the swing bed is in place, it has delivered beyond our expectations. We installed electricity and infra-red heating and have used the swing most days, in all weathers. These people are lovely to work with and their swings offer something beyond the tangible .... maybe even spiritual. Martin, Alex & the team - thank you all so much".  S. Thaker

We are always excited to welcome a new product to our range and this one was no exception. Inspired by a wish from a customer (whose words we quote above), who loved our Swinging Day Bed & Pergola, but wanted the flexibility to use it in all weathers,  we have created the absolute pinnacle of opulence and outdoor luxury: the swinging day bed with cedar shingle roof.

The handmade cedar roof with oak underboards provides a beautifully elegant awning for shelter from rain, shade through the heat of the day and warmth through those long summer evenings. And for Winter, our customer even fitted an overhead heater!

We deliver and build this magnificent product on site, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Just lie back, stretch your legs out, and enjoy your new favourite place to unwind from the stresses of life, you'll never want to get up!

And currently with all the uncertainty around foreign travel and holidays. we are finding that people are continuing to focus more and more on their gardens so an investment such as this will last far longer than the distant memory of a holiday, it will be in your garden and family for many years to come, and just imagine the memories you could build on it.

As Winnie The Pooh said so appropriately....

"We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."

Welcoming You Back to Our Show Garden

We are so pleased to (finally) be able to re-open for socially distanced show rounds in the Sitting Spiritually garden.

From 29th March 2021 we are now able to welcome you to our garden, with all its Spring joys, to enjoy our swings and benches in person, there really is nothing like trying them for yourself & experiencing the soothing & relazing nature of them.

Visits are by appointment only, to ensure a safe, socially distanced experience.

You can book an appointment by emailing us here.

Posted by Siobhan on March 29th 2021

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