Product Spotlight - The Trilogy....sharing a secret....a post Lockdown wonder!

It’s an absolute joy to be able to swing alongside my grandson and chat about our day! He’s 6 and I’m 70 and he loves the fact that I’m swinging too! Thank you – The Trilogy is such a clever idea and we love it. 
(Mrs J, Hampshire)

One of the best things about the relaxation in the Lockdown rules must surely be that families who have been distant and isolated for months, are now are allowed to see each other again. 

There will be much joy up and down the country as families and friends  meet up again, and whilst many are not wanting to travel abroad for their holiday, we are finding that more and more are wanting to invest in their gardens instead, treating themselves to something that will last and give them more lasting memories than that holiday would have done.  

So this is where we feel the Trilogy really comes into its own, a true family swing if ever there was one.....many people, such as parents & grandparents, buy one with a rope swing & a single swing seat so that they can sit next to a child and swing together.  Or often two rope swings are purchased, and then when the children are older, a swing seat is commissioned to replace the rope swings.

The Trilogy.....

One frame, three seats. 

Designed to give the most flexible option for a growing and changing family.  We can even make it with an extra tall frame for maximum swinging!

It has a sturdy & robust design in FSC oak or FSC cedar & has four options to choose from:

Two Single Garden Swings

One Single Garden Swing & One Rope Swing

Four Seater Garden Swing 

Two Oak Rope Swings

Mix & Match to your own personal desires, as your family’s lifestyle changes, so can your Trilogy, changing to fit in with your family & friends.

We are able to make the Trilogy for you and have it installed in your garden during the Summer months....let the fun begin!

Voted by The Independent as one of the 8 best swing sets, read more here

Probably the most versatile garden swing seat ever, ask us about The Trilogy 

Posted by Siobhan on July 7th 2020

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