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Product Spotlights - Our Swing Seat Back Designs

Choosing your swing seat or garden bench with us is a deeply personal thing and we love guiding people through all their choices.  Once the timber we use has been decided on, the real personalisation starts, and the first thing will be the choice of back design. 

We have five backs to choose from, all afford the same comfort levels and all are exceedingly pleasing to the eye, but it all boils down really to personal taste.

So here's a glimpse of them all and a little about their provenance.  All back designs are available as 1,2, 3 and 4 seater.


The most classical of our back designs, and undoubtedly the favourite, the Fan Back was our first design and was chosen to depict the classical swing seat hanging from a porch that so easily springs to mind.  A timeless classic, it will fit in well with any garden design scheme

The Fan Back


Whilst all our garden furniutre is designed with comfort in mind, the Slat Back offers an ergonomic benefit of improved lumber support & is a truly comfortable seat to relax on.

The Slat Back


Designed to celebrate our tenth birthday in 2014, The Heart Back is stongly influenced by The Arts & Crafts Movement, even the cut out hearts take strong inspiration from one of the leading designers of the day, CFA Voysey.  It continues to be a very admired choice of back and is especially popular for weddings.

The Heart Back


This was born out of Martin's interest, in the early years of Sitting Spiritually, in Feng Shui and is very much inspired by the ubiquitous yin-yang symbol which holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy.  It has since gone on to have a number of options available in the swirl in the form of cut out in a circle or heart shape, or an inlaid ammonite, or a solid swirl.  All are popular, but probably the heart and the ammonite are the most often chosen.

The Swirl Back


This was a design that came about by chance on a lazy Summer's afternoon in the garden, when Martin's artist daughter Lucy was ideally sketching on a napkin, and presented a totally new design to her Father, which swiftly went into production.

The Curve Back

So here they all are in a line, the choice is yours, all of us in the Sitting Spiritually Team have our favourite, which is yours?

Fan Back
Slat Back
Heart Back
Swirl Back
Curve Back

Posted by Siobhan on October 21st 2019

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