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Kate Robinson, Rainbow Bench Winner

To raise money for Dorset County Hospital, Sitting Spiritually crafted a one-of-a-kind “Rainbow Bench” to commemorate the NHS. The natural rainbow on the back of the seat is formed through the choice of woods with a natural variation in their hue, made from Oak, Chestnut, Western Red cedar, Iroko, Utile and Walnut.

What We Did....

All the durable woods used on the bench will, over time, naturally fade to a more uniform silver. With beautiful timing, we’re expecting the rainbow to fade at roughly the time that the Covid-19 vaccine is predicted to be available. 

This exceptional, unique swing seat is endorsed by the RHS and based on our ever-popular Three-Seater Serenity Curve back. The raffle is officially opened on July 5th to coincide with the birthday of the NHS and the final clap for carers. 

We raised an incredible £4,785 for Dorset County Hospital. 
Thank you so much for all your kind donations

Thank you for agreeing to chat with us, congratulations again on winning the Rainbow Swing Seat! What made you enter the raffle in the first place?

I entered for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I had wanted a Sitting Spiritually seat for the garden since we moved to Dorset, 4 years ago. And I couldn't reisit entering a raffle to support the NHS during the pandemic.

As Chris works locally for the NHS and many of our family do as well, they have a very special place in our hearts. And the NHS response locally to the corona virus was really outstanding.

I wanted to do anything I could to support the brave staff going into work every day, in every role, with my donation. 

How has the pandemic affected you and your husband? 

It's been a challenging time. I'm self-employed and fall through the gaps with government support so that's been worrying. Chris has worked solidly all the way through it in a first-line role, and I am incredibly proud of him.  

Above: The Rainbow Swing Bench being built

You entered on behalf of your husband, who works for the NHS, did you feel like he needed a treat?

Absolutely, working for the NHS is a vocation, and not one I could do. It's been tiring and scary, so you have to find the joy in little things. We have really been grateful to have a garden (we only moved into our current home a year ago) and it's really been our place of solace. 

It's been tiring and scary, so you have to find the joy in little things.

When you’ve had a stressful day, how do you take a moment to relax and unwind?

We both have really enjoyed having the garden - we like to just sit outside and take 5 minutes to recharge. 

From your relaxing swing seat, what can you see? How is the view?

Not sure it's in its final position yet, but at the moment you can see down into our garden, towards a little pond that we have with waterlilies. 

Above: Chris Robinson Enjoying the Rainbow Swing bench with their adorable dog.

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Posted on September 10th 2020

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