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Our Handmade Oak Swings...Now Endorsed by the RHS!

We’ve always known that there was something special about our handmade rope swings…and now we’ve got the RHS stamp of approval to confirm it.

Like many of our swing seats and benches, our beautifully handcrafted rope swings are now licensed and endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society—a testament to the quality of materials and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into making these unique, wonderfully nostalgic products.   

But what makes our rope swings a cut above the rest? What qualities and features does a Sitting Spiritually swing possess that the competitors lack? 

Let’s find out…

Quality of craftsmanship

As symbolized by our latest RHS endorsement, and their placement in various National Trust and RHS venues—whose testing and safety procedures are rigorous, to say the least—the sheer quality of our rope swings is what ensures they stand out from the crowd.

Our rope swings are made from seasoned FSC-sourced oak, which creates a wonderfully hard-wearing seat that will guarantee happy and safe swinging for generations. 

Meanwhile, where the rope on other swings might be susceptible to rotting, we use Hempex, a marine-grade synthetic rope–which offers the same classic aesthetic, but with the added bonus of longevity, weatherproofing, and resilience. 

Using these high-quality raw materials, our master craftsmen lovingly design, cut and assemble our rope swings to create an exquisite final product.

rope swing with inscription
child with wellies on rope swing

Those finer details...

While other companies might have the ropes spliced around the swing— meaning the wood may split and perish over time—our ropes, made by a long-established marine rope maker, are threaded through the rope swing for a secure and long-lasting structure.

For added durability, our rope swings also have purpose-built oak battens fixed on the underside of the seats, offering strength and stability with every swing.  The corners and edges of our rope swings are gently rounded, meaning both children and adults alike are safeguarded from any painful scrapes and knocks. 

For that personal touch, our swings can also be finished with the inscription of your choice. Whether it’s a meaningful quote, a significant date, or simply the name of the lucky recipient, this is a thoughtful way of adding a touch of individual charm to your new swing.

rope swing
child on rope swing

For the young and young-at-heart

Whether you're a fresh-faced child or enjoying the golden years of later life, there’s really no substitute for the warm nostalgia and uncomplicated pleasures associated with a handmade rope swing. Evoking memories of a simpler past, where time spent in the garden, swinging blissfully from the branch of an ancient oak tree, was time well spent. 

If you’d like to experience the benefits of a handcrafted rope swing, rich in quality, with the unmistakable thumbprints of a Sitting Spiritually master craftsman, then why not take a look at our beautiful, RHS-approved range and find one to suit your garden?

Posted by Siobhan on October 20th 2022

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