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Tree Swing Safety

Whether you have one of our rope swings (often referred to as tree swings) or one from another company, we hope you find this helpful….

As we enter Autumn and the leaves will soon be coming off the trees, now is a good time to check on the ropes of your swing and the strength & condition of the bough it is hanging on.

Our rope swings and the trees they are hanging from are tested annually by
The Big Tree Climbing Company on behalf of the National Trust and this ensures our design and manufacture are safe  as well as the condition of the trees the NT use, so you can be assured of the quality of our rope swings.

Whether you've had your rope swing for some years now or are a new customer,
please do take some time to make some small checks to ensure everyone's continued happy swinging and safety. 

If you have a Sitting Spiritually Rope Swing & your ropes have had 2-3 years use, or longer, it may be worth you replacing them, so do check the condition of them.
We are happy to supply you with new ropes, which are available in a variety of lengths, just give us a call to discuss & order yours.


We recently commissioned three short films about rope swings
which we hope you will enjoy & find helpful:


Posted by Siobhan on October 13th 2015

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