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September in The Sitting Spiritually Garden

Martin and Celia’s garden is blooming and billowing in their corner of Dorset heaven and with the garden open to the public this weekend it’s your final chance of the year to wander amongst the new plantings to see just how incredible the first year has been.  Whether you are making plans for your own garden, or just want to spend an hour or two, immersed amongst plants, the garden will offer you a place to pause and be inspired.

jarmanmurphy designed the planting to have a long flowering season featuring tall ‘wild’ perennials to combine with the existing clipped Lonicera hedges, that now restrain the planting soaring skyward. There are many plants that have caught our eye in the garden this month but here are a few of our favourites that are really stealing the show:

Sanguisorba ‘Blackthorn’ is one of the stars, with its upright catkin-like flowers. Each plant has clusters of stems that reach up to 2 metres high, layered with fading pink flowers and attractive toothed leaves that cluster around the base of the stems.  Blackthorn has been repeated throughout the new beds amongst grasses and Agastache ‘After Eight’.  It really is a delicious plant, quite striking in form and colour and yet simple enough not to be bold or brash in a naturalistic planting

Agastache ‘After Eight’ is a firm favourite with pollinators and insects - it flowers profusely all summer and, although it does not stand well into winter with long lasting seed heads, the charm of its aromatic leaf combined with its vivid lilac tufted flower spikes have earned its place in the garden.  A shorter plant than the S. ‘Blackthorn’, it creates a floral platform for the tall grasses and perennials overhead.

Grasses have also been layered to add a transparent depth to the garden.  Tall inter-plantings of Molinia caerulea ‘Dauerstrahl’ and Molinia arundinacea ‘Karl Foerster’ are backed up with the shorter Molinia caerulea ‘Edith Dudzsus’.  The tall layers have added a fine bleached highlight and a graceful arching movement to the upright plantings with M.’Edith Dudzsus’ hovering at knee height below.

The garden is at its full perennial-punch in early September and so a trip to The Sitting Spiritually Garden this weekend will be nourishment and inspiration for any gardening soul. Find a place to rest on one of the handmade swing seats in the garden and enjoy the view – we hope to see you there.

Sarah and Anna

Design partners at jarmanmurphy

Sitting Spiritually would like to thank Sarah & Anna for all the amazing & creative work they have put in to make the Sitting Spiritually Garden such a joy

Posted by Siobhan on September 5th 2018

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