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Sitting in Peace With Garden Swing Seats And Benches

Relaxing in the garden is all about getting out in the air, enjoying the serenity of the environment, taking a moment to have a moments peace from the everyday busyness of life, each breath a reminder that life is good. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel that level of peace.

Of course, it can be difficult to sit back and take in all the nature without some comfortable seating to relax in. What better way to enjoy a well-tended outdoor space than with elegant and comfortable wooden garden swing seats?

What are garden swing seats?

Swing seats for the garden can come in many forms, each as good looking and comfortable as the next. Options that are crafted by hand are perfect for outdoor relaxation and add an elegant touch to outdoor decor. They have beautiful finishes and are made from many different types of wood.

Folks thinking about looking for a garden seat bench sale will find some beautifully crafted seats in different finishes. There are oak garden swing seats, swing seats made of pine, cedar, unusual garden swing seats with wonderful inspirations behind them, and of course the newer look of modern garden swing seats. Whatever a gardener is looking to add for the ultimate in relaxation, there are high-quality garden swing seats and benches for anyone. 

Wooden Garden Swing Seat on a Lawn
Above: Our Serenity Range Garden Swing Seat

What are the best types of garden swing seats?

Luxury garden furniture swing seats come in all kinds of different forms, and choosing one can be difficult. Each person has a different need for their outdoor seating, such as the type of finish they’d like it to have, how big they would want it to be, and how many people it can hold.

Luckily, our garden swing seats come in all of these forms, and each one is hand-crafted with the customer in mind – in fact, most of the designs and accessories we’ve crafted over the years have come as a result of an inspiring question from a customer. Choosing the best outdoor furniture for the garden can be tough, but with all of these choices and types of garden benches, you can rest assured that with the right wood care it will be weather resistant, the very highest quality, and most importantly comfortable… perfect for a bit of a break from a busy day. 

Wooden Swing Seat with Frame in the Garden
Above: Different types of garden seating
Ammonite Accessory on Swinging Bench
Seat Hanging from Pergola Structure
Oak Swinging Day Bed
Knole Garden Bench

Wooden Swinging Bench

Wooden Swinging Bench

Luxury can often be found in simplicity, and this is doubly true with wooden swing benches. Not only do they look nice and feel comfortable, but they also can be placed almost anywhere in the garden or patio to complement the space. Few things look more inviting to a tired body than traditional garden swing seats made of wood, and they can be made to fit the whole family, too! The natural wooden look fits seamlessly with any garden design, blending in with other structures and plants.

One seater, 2 seater, 3 seater or even 4 seater options exist so that family and friends can sit together to enjoy the beauty of the garden or backyard. It really doesn’t get much better than that.


Pergola and Swing Seat at Abbotsbury

Pergolas are the perfect place to get some shade and hang a swing from. Not only can a pergola be the perfect adornment for the garden and for bespoke garden swing seats, it can also be a place where one can get out of the sun and relax. Our pergolas are made of solid wood and made completely from scratch, using large pieces of timber for guaranteed stability, safety, and of course, beauty.

On the cross bars of a pergola, various types of garden furniture can be hung for the ultimate in outdoor seating. Choosing between a swing chair, a hammock, a swing bench, or perhaps you would prefer a metal swing? None of this is a problem with a strong pergola that can hold up the swinging seat in style. 

Swinging Day Beds

Swinging Day Bed with Family

What really takes relaxation to the next level? Being able to stretch all the way out and let the worries wash away. This is where a swinging day bed comes into play. Built from oak, these swing beds are designed to keep you comfortable for years to come, allowing you to sit back, curl up with a book, or just lie down.

A swinging day bed can be hung from a pergola, placed on the patio, or just about anywhere else outside. There is also room for the whole family, so no one will have to feel left out of the fun. Our swinging day beds also come with a few amenities to up the comfort level, such as:

Drinks holders. Feeling like relaxing on the day bed with a glass of wine, enjoying the company of your significant other? Our day beds with included drinks holder will help you keep your drinks close without worrying about spillage.

With Canopy. Want to relax on the day bed in the rain without having to worry about getting wet? A day bed with canopy option is a great choice to get out and curl up in any weather, rain or shine, and enjoy the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

These day beds are made of the finest timber and meant to weather any storm, so no one will have to worry about it being ruined by the weather. Rest assured that these swinging day beds will keep you cosy for years to come.

Rope Swings

Oak Rope Swing with Inscription

Many people may have a rope swing hanging from a tree, perfect for sitting down and enjoying a morning cup of coffee while watching the sun rise, or a delicious glass of wine in the evening while watching the sun go down.

An outdoor swing can be a wonderful way to enjoy peace and quiet any time of day, and they can even come in different sizes for sitting next to one another and enjoying the magic of the outdoors.

Rope swings are made in an elegant, kiln-dried solid oak and can be supplied with a gorgeous personal touch, such as a message, inscribed on them. They are also highly versatile and can be placed almost anywhere in the garden, such as hung from a tree branch, as part of a pergola swinging setup, or even inside the home.

Rope swings can be fun for people of all ages, from children to adults. One can never be too old to enjoy the true magic that sitting in a rope swing and taking in a serene environment can offer. 

Why are the best garden swing seats made of wood?

At the end of the day, you can’t get more natural than wooden garden swing seats. Wood offers many benefits that other materials simply don’t, such as:

Wood gets better with age. If they are well taken care of, wooden seats simply improve over time. They change colour over the years, mellowing to a lovely pewter grey and won’t deteriorate as they age. They will keep your family comfortable for years on end if you take good care of them.

Wood is kind to the environment. Unlike other materials that some swing seats are made of, such as plastic or metal, wood is a renewable resource.

Wood is tough and durable. Beautiful, rustic wooden garden swing seats are designed to handle the elements. Their durability comes from the timber they are crafted from, offering weather resistance, as well as being waterproof.

Much like the trees they are made from, our garden swing seats are made to be able to resist the elements and weather any storm that is thrown at them, providing a cosy place to sit and enjoy the garden for many years to come. All of this makes for strong garden swing seats that can handle any weather and be enjoyed year round.

Wood takes you back to the core of nature, blending in effortlessly with the setting around it. It is timeless, beautiful and elegant, allowing some garden benches to be a masterclass of design, and sporting some truly beautiful finishes.

Several different types of wood go into the making of our garden seats, including Oak, Western Red Cedar and Pine. They are resistant to rot provided they are cared for properly, along with being durable and tough.

Wooden garden benches and swings look beautiful either painted or unpainted. Many gardeners prefer a natural finish to blend seamlessly with the garden, but a painted swing or bench can sometimes highlight the colour scheme of the garden to better effect.

All of this adds up to help folks have the best garden swing seats UK selection at their fingertips. No matter what style is chosen, you can count on receiving quality, handcrafted garden swing seats from Sitting Spiritually to liven up the garden or patio.

Craftsmen Building a Swing Seat

Sitting in Style

Nothing beats the serenity of nature, and garden swings can complement nature in a way that almost no other type of outdoor furniture can. There is a huge selection to choose from, so whether you choose a tried and true rope swing, a wooden swinging bench, a day bed, or an elegant pergola to hang a swing from, you’ll be enjoying your garden in style.

Peace and quiet in the outdoors is truly an unparalleled experience, and with the right garden furniture, you can be “sitting spiritually” in no time at all. 

Posted by Sitting Spiritually on February 19th 2020

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