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There is no better view than the view from a swing....

Staying put this year?

Currently with all the uncertainty we are finding that people are continuing to focus on their gardens with plans of foreign travel seemingly far off, so the sanctity of the garden is becoming more and more important as we approach Summer.

Less costly options, why is that?

You may have already been looking at garden furniture, perhaps you’ve long dreamt of a traditional swing seat and have been on the hunt for one.  You may have seen ones that are a far lower price than ours, and wondered why?  Well we’re happy to enlighten you!

The Best Garden Swing Seats, & Endorsed by the RHS

Hopefully you will find a swing seat that you absolutely fall in love with from us, but beyond good looks, there are a few practical things you will want to consider before buying:

How long do you want your swing chair to last?

This is very much based on how much you would like to spend, do you want a less expensive option that will last a couple of years and then you will throw it away (the environment will really thank you for that!) , or do you want to invest in an exceptionally high quality product that will stay in your garden and family for many years to come? We are pretty confident that your choice, both investment and sustainably wise, will be the latter, and this is what we offer you with confidence.

What should your swing seat be made of?

Again, this comes down to how much you would like to spend. A cheaper simple swing seat with a metal frame obviously isn't going to be as good quality as a bespoke wooden one for example. Also think about whether you would like to be able to leave your swing seat out in the garden all year rather than storing it away, Buying from Sitting Spiritually you can be safe in the knowledge that we use only the highest quality timbers, be that our Tranquillity in Oak, RHS Serenity in Cedar or our new Affinity Painted Accoya, all of these are sourced from FSC timbers from suppliers we have thoroughly researched.  And all may be safely left outside all year, in fact they will thank you for letting Mother Nature take care of them because being outside is what they love best.  However, if you would like to leave it  outside but prefer to cover it from the elements, we are able to recommend a company who have made really excellent covers for our swing seats and frame that are easily put on and zipped closed leaving your commission snuggly inside for the Winter.

How big should your swing seat be?

For this it will of course depend on a few things: how big is your garden, how many in your family, how often do you like to have friends over?  Our swing seats are available in one, two, three or four seaters, with five different back designs, and all will comfortably accommodate you and your family and friends, whilst providing the all important back support to ensure your comfort.

What about cushions?

We provide flat cushions for the actual seat itself & generously sized scatter cushions to compliment the seat pad.  All come in shower proof fabrics, so if they get caught out in a rain shower, they won’t complain too much.

Given all the above, won’t I have to wait ages?

Actually no, for swing seats we are currently looking at a lead time of only four to six weeks, and considering the bespoke, high quality nature of our products, we think you will agree this is pretty acceptable.  Our team of joiners work flat out at this time of year to ensure you may enjoy your commission during the longer for Summer months.

I’ve got a few questions, is that OK?

Absolutely, we love nothing better than talking about our seats, so do give us a call or email.  You may also find our FAQs helpful

And we’ll plant a tree for you!

We’re also delighted to let you know that as a thank you for your commission, we will plant a tree in partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests and will provide you with a certificate with the details so you can see exactly where in the UK you are making the difference.  

"Sitting Spirituality embody all that is best in personalized customer service - they are attentive without being intrusive, flexible when the customer changes their mind and unfailingly helpful. They also have a top of the range product that is surprisingly unique in an apparently crowded market-place.

Above all they embody what my late father taught me - you get what you pay for!"

Thank you Mr R.G, we were so delighted to receive your review

Posted by Siobhan on March 8th 2021

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