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Splendid Isolation: COVID-19

With the increasing news and concerns regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, Sitting Spiritually wants to reassure our customers that we are monitoring the developing situation and have resources in place to provide you with a continued service in the making of your commission and getting it to you to enjoy in the sanctity of your garden.

We are an established family business of 16 years with a team of local people that rely on us for their living. They work in self-contained workshops and their welfare is of the utmost importance to us.  

Our show room is outdoors with toilet and handwashing facilities and by individual private appointment, so you may visit in the secure knowledge you will not be mixing with other members of the public.

The seats are all made off site in our maker’s workshops.

We can deliver and assemble to your instructions, and if you prefer not to see our delivery team that is fine. They will place your commission and assemble it where you have instructed.

 All communication with us can be online or by telephone, there is no need for any physical contact during your transaction. 

Outdoors, the virus is very short-lived and we certainly will be taking full advantage of our garden and our swing seats in the knowledge that this is a safe and healthy environment in times of isolation, and one that we may enjoy safely.

Our focus and dedication, both to our team and our customers, are unwavering as we all navigate through these unique times. 

"Really excited to receive the swing... perfect timing for the current climate"

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. 
Kindest Thoughts,
Martin, Celia & The Team

Posted by Martin Young on March 17th 2020

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